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Specialized Wealth Services

Specialized Wealth Services - Wells Fargo - The Private Bank

When you're looking for assistance managing your wealth, you want solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. At Wells Fargo Private Bank, we understand that no single solution fits every person’s circumstances. Together, we'll customize a strategy to help you meet the complex financial challenges that life presents.

Philanthropic Services for Individuals and Institutions

We work with individuals, families, and foundations to define their charitable objectives and offer strategies to help them achieve their goals. We help our clients focus on their missions by working with them to establish structured giving plans that make effective use of their resources.

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Business Advisory Services

Our specialists work with you to determine the value of your business, evaluate succession options, and plan exit strategies. Our team can also provide day-to-day management of your closely held business interests.

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Real Estate Asset Management

Our experienced Real Estate Asset Management professionals provide asset management and strategic advisory services. Whether you own or want to own investment real estate, we can assist you with commercial, residential, agricultural, and other types of properties.

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Oil, Gas and Mineral Management

We can help you manage all aspects of your oil, gas, and mineral portfolios, including lease negotiations, collection of royalties, tracking, and bill payment.

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Estate Services

Settling an estate can be complicated. We can help provide comfort for you or your loved ones by managing all aspects of the estate settlement process and providing impartial dispute resolution. We are committed to helping you address your estate planning goals so that you can rest assured your final wishes will be carried out the way you want.

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Special Needs Trust Services

A Special Needs Trust offers both immediate and long-term support for a person living with a disability. Our specialists work with an individual, family, or guardian to help maintain and enhance the individual's quality of life.

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Legacy Trust

We provide multigenerational and dynastic trust planning and administration with principal locations in South Dakota and Delaware.

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