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With a dedicated private banker focused on your banking needs, our objective is to help simplify and enhance your entire financial picture. We take a holistic approach to your finances and invite you to discover an experience tailored to your financial goals.

Cash management Solutions

As a client of The Private Bank, you have access to a range of offerings that provide exclusive features, benefits, and relationship rates. Designed with your preferences in mind, through your dedicated private banker we offer:

  • Premium checking, savings, and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts, which include secure mobile and online banking to help you manage everyday cash flow and bill payments
  • Access to an array of sophisticated banking services through our Treasury Management solutions which offer advanced administrative control of your finances
  • Foreign exchange services in more than 100 currencies and currency risk management.

Strategic credit options

Whether you need a custom strategy to finance commercial real estate, private aircrafts, or life insurance premiums, a private banker can help you meet your financial goals every step of the way.  

Strategic borrowing may enhance your wealth plan by helping you:

  • Optimize cash flows and income
  • Increase tax efficiencies designed to help with preserving and growing your wealth
  • Finance purchases while avoiding depleting your cash reserves
  • Manage investment allocations to seek asset diversification and potentially help lower portfolio risk
  • Realize estate planning goals while focusing on preserving personal liquidity

Real estate lending

Few purchase considerations are as unique as real estate assets. When it comes to your need for a new residence or a commercial investment opportunity, your private banker can work with you to put together a strategy that makes the most sense for your specific needs. 

We can provide real estate financing options to help with:

  • A primary or secondary residence
  • Commercial investment or retail property
  • Interim and bridge financing

Specialty Financing

When traditional lending models are not adaptable enough to address the complexity of your situation, your private banker can offer alternatives. Specialized financing may enable you to:

  • Develop a customized strategy that’s built around your complex lending needs
  • Manage investment allocations and diversify your portfolio through Alternative Investment Secured Credit
  • Work towards estate planning goals through Life Insurance Premium Financing
  • Unlock the value of your fine art collection through Fine Art Secured Lending

Dedicated services for law firms and partners

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to serving the unique needs of attorneys – from custom credit options to investment management and beyond. Together we can create a comprehensive, custom wealth plan for your firm and your family. Our offering includes:

  • Industry research
  • Corporate Trust and Escrow Services
  • Employee Benefits

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