Business Advisory Services

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Personalized guidance at every step

Objective strategies and tailored solutions for your business, your goals, and your timeline

You've worked hard to make your business successful. When you're thinking about what comes next for what may be your single largest asset, we can help guide you at every stage of ownership.

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Manage Your Business Interests

Closely held business interests are unlike any other asset and often present unique challenges and opportunities. We can help assess and potentially enhance their value, handle their day-to-day management, and develop tax-efficient estate planning strategies.

2021 Outlook for Business Owners

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Plan Your Exit Strategy

Whether you’re looking to transfer your business to your family, employees, or sell to an outside buyer, our experienced professionals can help you assess and implement the right path for you. 

Business Succession—Keeping It in the Family

What are your options for transitioning your business?

We'll work closely with you to identify and implement a business succession strategy that helps meet your needs, while planning for a smooth transition to the future owners. Our specialists can help you:

  • Transfer ownership to a family member
  • Sell to an employee or outside buyer
  • Use an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to transfer ownership
  • Manage transition issues, including critical staff retention or family dynamics
  • Assess estate planning strategies and work with you and your tax and legal advisors to address tax considerations

What is your business worth?

An objective valuation of your business is critical when planning to buy, sell, transfer, or gift. It can also be beneficial for making informed decisions around debt financing or estate planning. Our professional appraisers are members of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and consider multiple factors that can impact your business’s value, including:

  • History and financial outlook of your company
  • General economic conditions
  • Review and analysis of your company's industry
  • Identification of comparable companies and transactions
  • Cash flow capacity
  • Control and marketability factors

Are you considering a sale of your business?

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) services offered through Wells Fargo Advisors

Our Business Sales and Advisory team of professionals has the business acumen, negotiating skills, and M&A transactional experience to help you navigate a complex, structured sales process. Our comprehensive range of M&A advisory services covers every aspect of selling your business, including:

  • Understanding and explaining what makes your company valuable
  • Identifying and contacting potential buyers
  • Soliciting offers to maintain a competitive process
  • Evaluating and negotiating terms of a transaction
  • Working with your legal and tax advisors to close the deal

Do you own an interest in a privately held company?

Owning and inheriting interests in a closely held (private) company can make estate planning especially complex. We work with clients who hold private entity interests in a trust or estate as owners, grantors, and/or beneficiaries of:

  • Partnerships
  • Family limited partnerships or limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • S or C Corporations

We can work with you to determine the value of your holdings, how to help maximize them, and if desired, provide professional management on your behalf in trust.

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