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As you move forward with wealth management planning, it’s important to have a strategy to responsibly sustain and manage your assets — so you can transfer your wealth in a way that supports the people and institutions you care about.

Wells Fargo Private Bank offers the extensive knowledge and experience necessary to handle every aspect of your trust account.

Trust accounts can help you:

  • Meet a broad range of needs, such as caring for a family member or gifting assets to a favorite charity over time
  • Control how you pass your wealth to future generations
  • Avoid the probate process, allowing faster distribution of assets to beneficiaries

As your trustee, Wells Fargo can assist you with growing and managing the components of your trust with a wide range of professional asset management services. We can help you manage financial and nonfinancial assets such as shares in a closely held business; real estate; and oil, gas, and mineral interests.

Establishing and maintaining your trust account

To help you meet your financial planning goals, we employ a well-defined process for designing your trust account and managing it over time:

  • We meet with you to gain a thorough understanding of your current situation, your family dynamics, and your wishes.
  • We review your existing estate and financial plans and documents, analyze current allocations, and recommend any needed changes.
  • We collaborate with your advisors, such as your family attorney or accountant, to review your will and trust periodically, confirming that the documents continue to meet your needs.

A dedicated relationship manager serves as your primary point of contact. Your relationship manager coordinates a team of investment and administrative professionals with fiduciary experience who are responsible for the day-to-day administration of your trust.

In addition, an investment strategist will implement a disciplined investment process to help achieve the financial objectives of your trust.

Having a sound, well thought out plan for managing and distributing your assets is key to fulfilling your goals. A personal trust can be tailored specifically to your needs, your circumstances, and your assets. And, they’re designed to support your goals.

A personal trust can help:

  • Reduce payment of estate taxes
  • Distribute assets to beneficiaries
  • Assist in the event you become incapacitated or unable to manage your financial affairs
  • Provide for dependents
  • Contribute to charitable causes you care deeply about

Our trust and fiduciary specialists provide an unbiased perspective when handling complex family situations. We can oversee your trust administration and accounting, custody services, and tax reporting.

Professional investment and asset management specialists can help you manage and grow the investments in the trust, including marketable securities, real estate, and specialty assets.

Your trust is only as effective as the trustees you choose. Trustees have the fiduciary duty, legal authority, and responsibility to manage your assets held in trust and handle day-to-day financial matters on your behalf. A trustee can be an individual, corporation, or association.

Before naming a trustee, it's crucial to consider the complexities of administering a trust. Carefully take into account whether the party you have in mind has the time, knowledge, and desire to assume the role of trustee. A corporate trustee can be a regulated, impartial third party equipped to handle what may be a highly intricate role.

As an experienced corporate trustee, Wells Fargo has the knowledge and objectivity to implement the instructions you specify in your trust impartially and efficiently.

We can offer you:

  • Objectivity to follow your instructions faithfully and make decisions impartially
  • Vast experience and knowledge in trust and estate administration
  • Consistency in the ability to administer your trust over many years 
  • Knowledge of industry compliance standards to administer your trust in accordance with government regulations
  • Reliability in our ability to meet the higher professional standards of care, in terms of asset safeguarding and management

By engaging Wells Fargo as your corporate trustee, you have access to our full range of wealth management solutions. From making long-term investment decisions to maintaining short-term liquidity and hedging against key risks, we focus on meeting the needs of you and your family — now and for generations to come.

Wells Fargo delivers the extensive knowledge and experience required to handle every aspect of your trust, including administration, accounting, preparing and filing tax returns, and recordkeeping services.

Our goals-based planning process is an ongoing cycle that includes investment policy development, asset allocation and strategies designed to address your cash flow, liquidity, time horizon, and tax efficiency needs.

No matter how simple or complex your trust needs are, we will work with your legal, tax, and other professional advisors to tailor solutions to assist you in achieving your goals.

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