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Business solutions for law firms. Wealth solutions for partners.

Legal professionals have complex business and financial needs that extend beyond the typical banking relationship. Wells Fargo Legal Specialty Group helps meet these needs by providing access to customized solutions developed in collaboration with your firm and partners.

Years of hands-on involvement with the nation’s most successful law firms has given us a distinct perspective on law firm finances. From your simplest daily transaction to your most complex investment decision, our team’s deep industry knowledge and commitment to personalized service can help build and preserve your firm’s financial foundation.

A team built for your firm

A Legal Specialty Group relationship manager serves as a key strategic resource for your firm, coordinating a team of Wells Fargo specialists to help meet your specific needs.

Industry research

Four times a year, the Legal Specialty Group gathers and compiles law firm data into our Comparative Analytical Tool (CAT) including billable hours, revenue per attorney, profit, headcount, and trends by region and sector. CAT’s proprietary research methodology can help you benchmark your firm’s financial position, adjust your short- and long-term financial goals, and help ensure your firm’s longevity.

The resulting CAT reports, available exclusively to participating clients, provide an extensive, insightful narrative about the legal industry that can help you:

  • Adopt best practice revenue drivers and expense management techniques
  • Improve product development 
  • Plan to better meet your firm’s financial goals

Services available to your firm

Through the Legal Specialty Group and your relationship manager, we can provide:

  • Comprehensive Credit Services
  • Escrow services
  • Settlement fund services

For more complex needs, we can work with partners in Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to provide:

  • Treasury Management
  • Equipment Leasing and Financing
  • Foreign Exchange Services

As a legal professional, there are many demands on your time. This, combined with the unique challenges of partner compensation, makes having a knowledgeable, experienced banker a critical part of your financial success.

A team designed around you

Your relationship manager will develop and lead a team of professionals, based on your unique needs, who can provide access to services including wealth planning, private banking, investment management, trust, estate, credit, and integrated wealth management services. This personalized approach—backed by the full depth and breadth of Wells Fargo & Company—takes into account your goals, assets, and needs to create a highly-integrated wealth plan.

Your dedicated relationship team will work with you to consider your:

  • Personal and family wealth goals
  • Preferred approach to investing and tolerance for market fluctuations
  • Retirement income objectives
  • Charitable interests and philanthropic giving
  • Tax liabilities
  • Vision for your legacy

Services available through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Services available through Wells Fargo Advisors

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