Manage your spending and saving

4 steps to manage your spending and saving

Spend less than you make so you have the power to save

These four steps can help make it happen.

Step 1: Automate your good habits

Good habits are the foundation of smart spending and saving.

We have tools and tips to help you make payments on-time:

Set up alerts

Step 2: Know where your money goes

Develop an accurate picture of what you’re spending money on now, and what you’d rather spend money on later.

Track all of your expenses:

Make tracking your expenses easier with My Spending Report.

View My Spending Report

Step 3: Identify areas to cut back

Once you know your current expenses, split them into two categories — essentials and extras. Now review your “extras” category. Where can you cut spending?

What extras can you cut back on and save? Consider expenses like:

For example, it’s easy to overspend on food. If you typically spend $100 on takeout, budget to spend less than $50 and put the other $50 into savings.

Your first savings goal should be an emergency fund equal to six weeks of your income. Don’t be discouraged if you have no emergency savings yet. Start by saving a paycheck’s worth of income and build from there

Once you’re ready to start cutting back, My Savings Plan® can help you track your savings progress.2

View My Savings Plan

Step 4: Create a budget you can live with

After identifying areas to cut spending, you’ll want to create a budget that allows you to save every month.

To make budgeting easier, use Budget Watch to set specific goals and get notifications when you’re nearing your spending limits. You will also be able to chart your monthly expenses with information taken from your actual spending history.

View Budget Watch

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