Receive timely alerts about your eligible account transactions at no extra cost (Your mobile carrier’s text messaging and web access charges may apply). Alerts give you the status of your accounts conveniently at a glance, which also helps reduce fraud. You can have alerts sent right to your email or wireless device.

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Get the alerts that are important to you

Choose to be notified when:

  • Your balance is above or below an amount you specify
  • A withdrawal, deposit or check posts to your account
  • Your daily ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases exceed an amount you choose
  • Your credit card payment is due
  • Credit card purchases exceed a limit you choose
  • Your mortgage payment is due
  • A brokerage trade goes through
  • Activity occurs on your Visa® credit card – get near real-time updates with Rapid Alerts

Easy to set up

You choose the specific bank alerts you want, and up to three emails and one wireless address where you want to receive them.

In addition, your alerts will be available within your Wells Fargo Online® session in your secure inbox.

You can add new alerts, turn off existing alerts, or change your email or wireless preferences at any time.

How to get alerts

Once you have an eligible Wells Fargo checking, savings or CD, ATM/debit card, credit card, mortgage, or brokerage account:

  1. Sign up for Wells Fargo Online.
  2. Sign on and click on the Messages & Alerts tab to set up or view alerts. For brokerage alerts, select the Brokerage tab, then Brokerage Services, then Alerts.
Wells Fargo Online ® Sign On to Set Up Alerts