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Handle payroll and benefits with ease

Spend more time running your business, and enjoy greater peace of mind, by trusting your payroll processing and employee benefits programs to Wells Fargo.

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Send next business day payments online with Direct Pay.  Learn More.
Business Insurance. We will help you find the coverage you need. Get A Free Guide.

Streamline cash flow with payment options

Take control of your cash flow and free up time to devote to your business with electronic payments and merchant services.

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Your business made easy. See how Wells Fargo Business Online can help. Get Started.
Online direct deposit. Pay employees and contractors online with Direct Pay. Learn More.

Get much more than a checking account

Customized financial services that offer convenience, value and flexibility for you and your business.

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What's your business savings strategy? Try our business savings account for competitive interest rate. Learn More.
Your business made easy. See how Wells Fargo Business Online can help. Get Started.

Protect and preserve your success

Whatever stage you’ve reached, it’s important to protect everything you’ve built and prepare for a secure financial future.

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Protect your business. Find out how Wells Fargo insurance can help you. Learn more.
Make your money work harder. Earn with a Wells Fargo Market Rate Savings Account. Apply now.

Guard against fraud

Take action to protect yourself or your small business from fraud and identity theft.

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Protect your debit card. Monitor unusual activity with Debit Card Alerts. Learn more.
Your business made easy. See how Wells Fargo Business Online can help. Get started.

Build your business with smart financing

A sound strategy can help you get the credit you need. The right choice of financing tools can make the most of it for business success.

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Commercial mortgages at competitive rates. Up to $750,000. Equal Housing Lender. Learn More.
Earn rewards for business spending. Learn More.
Wells Fargo Works for Small Business. See how Wells Fargo Works can help your business take the next step. Learn More.
Make the switch. Sign up for Merchant Services, save up to $500. Learn More.
Free, timely alerts. Get notified when key transactions occur. Learn More.

How to successfully start a business

Find out how you can get your new business up and running with these initial key steps from small business expert Melinda Emerson.

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