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Overdraft services

Optional Overdraft Protection for your checking account

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Overdraft services

Optional Overdraft Protection for your checking account

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Wells Fargo CDs

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Overdraft Protection is not available for Clear Access Banking accounts.

You may pay an early withdrawal penalty or a Regulation D penalty if you withdraw funds from your account before the term is complete. Some exceptions may apply. Penalties could reduce earnings on this account.

The Regulation D Penalty is seven days’ simple interest on the amount withdrawn and applies to:

  • Withdrawals made within seven days of account opening including the day the account was opened.
  • Withdrawals made during the grace period, when additional deposits are made during the grace period and the withdrawal exceeds the amount of the matured CD balance.
  • Withdrawals within seven days of any prior withdrawal where the Bank's early withdrawal penalty is not applied.

Other than the Regulation D penalty described above, any money withdrawn from the CD before the end of its term will be subject to an early withdrawal penalty based on the length of the CD term. If your term is:

  • Less than 90 days (or less than 3 months), the penalty is 1 month's interest,
  • 90 to 365 days (or 3-12 months), the penalty is 3 months' interest,
  • Over 12 months through 24 months, the penalty is 6 months' interest, or
  • Over 24 months, the penalty is 12 months' interest.

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See the Consumer Account Fee and Information Schedule and Deposit Account Agreement for additional consumer account information.

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