When to transfer wealth

Hear from Head of Advice and Planning, Michael Liersch, as he talks about transferring wealth when it can make the most difference.

Transcript: When to transfer wealth

Speaker: Michael Liersch , Head of Advice and Planning

Over the years, you’ve transferred your values to your family in the experiences you’ve all shared together.

And there may come a time, soon, when you think of sharing your wealth with your family and your close friends, too.

So, when is the right time to start to transfer your wealth? For who? And for what needs?

Maybe it’s helping with a down payment on a lake house for your son or daughter. Like the one they all remember going to with you as a family.

Well, with longer lifespans and the uncertain future of inheritance taxes, many people just like you question when is the right time to gift their wealth?

Along with that comes another big question. How much is too much to give to your family? And really, there’s no right answer to that one.

A great first step is having a discussion with your Advisor about how much money you need to support the full life you’ve pictured for yourself and for your family.

After that talk, you can explore how much you feel you can transfer through an ongoing gifting strategy.

Your advisor can help you set parameters about how much to give. And, how much may be too much.

What I’ve seen with clients, is sometimes it’s more than the wealth that’s being transferred.

It’s your values and your memories being transferred, too.

Just connect with your relationship manager to learn more.