Insurance can help protect you and your family, offer financial peace of mind, and provide a sense of security. Insurance can also help you achieve a broad range of financial goals, such as transferring wealth to your loved ones, creating liquidity, minimizing taxes, and preserving your assets against market risks.

Insurance planning for your changing life

At Wells Fargo Private Bank, your insurance specialist works closely with you as part of your financial team to help evaluate your needs and integrate insurance solutions into your wealth plan.

To keep your plan on track, your insurance specialist will review and analyze your insurance policies as they relate to your overall goals, and monitor your coverage regularly, adjusting your strategy as your personal circumstances or needs change.

Customized insurance solutions and strategies can help you meet your financial goals and provide several benefits:

Wealth protection

Life, disability, and long-term care insurance can help ensure that you and your loved ones can preserve your quality of life if the unexpected occurs.

Wealth accumulation

You can grow your money over the long term to provide for future income needs by utilizing tax-advantaged solutions such as a Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP). Insurance can also help you fund non-qualified executive compensation and benefits plans for your business.


Insurance can provide you easy access to cash to address estate settlement costs and taxes, or fund a buy/sell agreement for your business. Key person insurance can also help you maintain business continuity.

Wealth transfer

You may also be able to use insurance to increase the amount you can leave to your beneficiaries while reducing your tax liability. Strategies include combining annuities with life insurance, IRA stretch alternatives, charitable giving strategies, and single-premium life insurance.

Your diverse needs

Your needs and goals are personal and specific to you. By working to create a comprehensive wealth management plan that aligns with your needs and goals, we can help you:

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