Oil, Gas and Mineral Management

Managing oil, gas, and mineral rights on your own can be extremely complex.

At Wells Fargo Private Bank, our team of professionals have extensive experience in this market sector and can help you develop and implement solutions based on your particular needs and goals. We currently provide management services for more than 30,000 oil, gas, and mineral assets throughout the United States.

Managing for income or revenue streams

Effective management of your oil, gas, and mineral interests involves asset management and property management:

  • For asset management, our specialists can assist you with all types of oil, gas, and mineral assets; reinvest income generated from properties; and assess compatibility with your overall portfolio.
  • For property management, we can assess contracts, as well as periodically inspect and provide a review of the asset.

Depending on your needs, these services can be combined and blended to create a comprehensive management solution tailored to your goals.

Asset management services

To assist you in communicating with your other trusted advisors about these assets, our specialists can:

  • Collaborate with your legal and tax advisors to evaluate the asset’s role as part of your wealth plan
  • Coordinate with your legal and tax advisors to analyze income and certain tax liabilities
  • Assess environmental and other risk management concerns

Property management services

As you seek to boost returns and minimize risk in your portfolio, Wells Fargo Oil, Gas and Mineral Management provides you access to comprehensive mineral property management services. To assist you, our specialists can: 

  • Negotiate contracts and leases
  • Process royalty and rental income 
  • Oversee property tax payments 
  • Evaluate and monitor drilling participation
  • Provide general liability insurance policies for working interests
  • Promote leasing and development of mineral interests
  • Provide annual income and expense reporting for preparing tax returns 
  • Conduct inspections and reviews
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