Oil, Gas and Mineral Management

Oil, Gas, and Mineral Mangagement

Your specialists in natural resources

If you own oil, gas, or minerals rights, your natural resource-based assets likely represent a significant portion of your financial portfolio and family wealth. The unique opportunities and challenges that come with natural resource ownership can also make them complex and more difficult to manage than traditional interests or property.

As one of the leading specialty asset managers in the United States, Wells Fargo Oil, Gas, and Mineral Management specialists have the knowledge and experience to help you realize the full potential of your interests, for you and your heirs.

Combining both the financial aspects of ownership (asset management) and the handling of day-to-day operations (property management), we can provide custom solutions and services tailored to your unique requirements.

Asset management

Working with your legal and tax advisors, we can help you:

  • Evaluate the role your natural resources play in your wealth plan
  • Analyze income, growth and tax strategies to enhance revenue
  • Assess environmental and other risk management concerns
  • Plan for the transition or sale of your interests

Property management

We can assist you with day-to-day operations, such as: 

  • Processing royalty and rental income
  • Negotiating contracts and leases
  • Monitoring and evaluating drilling participation
  • Conducting inspections, valuations, and reviews
  • Overseeing property tax payments and providing annual reporting for tax preparation
  • Promoting the leasing and development of your unleased mineral interests
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