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Your legacy includes your accomplishments, as well as the values and ideals you hope to preserve and share for generations to come.

Creating and leaving a meaningful legacy requires careful planning, along with thoughtful reflection on the goals that are most important to you. As a starting point, you may want to provide for the financial well-being of your children, your grandchildren, and beyond.

Your next concern may be to protect family assets from the impact of transfer taxes. And, you may want to provide ongoing support to the organizations that matter to you.

Leaving a lasting legacy

A Wells Fargo Legacy Trust® is designed so that your wishes and legacy will be fulfilled. With careful planning, trust-held assets may actually increase over time, even as beneficiaries receive regular distributions.

A legacy (dynasty) trust can help reduce or eliminate gift, state, estate, and generation-skipping transfer taxes on the assets that you intend to pass to future generations. You can design the trust to hold a variety of asset types, including real estate; oil, gas, and mineral interests; closely held business interests; and marketable securities.

An important factor when considering whether a legacy trust is right for you is understanding that it is irrevocable. After the trust has been established, the assets belong permanently to the beneficiaries of the trust.

Designing a legacy trust tailored to your goals

We use a team approach to help you identify your estate planning goals and explore all available options.

Should you decide to create a legacy trust, our experienced professionals can help you at every stage of the process:

  • A trust and fiduciary specialist oversees trust administration, distributions, and other trust transactions.
  • A specialty asset manager is responsible for managing nonfinancial assets, such as a closely held business, real estate, or oil, gas, and mineral rights. 
  • An investment strategist makes investment recommendations and works with you to construct your trust’s portfolio, then regularly monitors and rebalances it to address changes in market conditions and your evolving needs.
  • A philanthropic specialist works with you to implement your charitable intentions, such as a private foundation, charitable trust, or another charitable vehicle.
  • At your request, we can help evaluate and select third-party asset management specialists to achieve specific portfolio objectives.
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