Real Estate Asset Management

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Realizing the value of real estate

Whether you own a single property or are managing a large real estate portfolio in a trust, our Trust Real Estate Asset Management specialists can help you make the most of your investment. As a fiduciary, we’ll work with you to create strategies designed to enhance the full value and potential of your holdings, while addressing how they fit within your overall wealth plan. 

Our team can provide you with services and solutions for every phase of real estate ownership:

Building your portfolio

In addition to evaluating assets and weighing risk vs. reward, our Trust Real Estate Advisory Specialists can help you:

  • Clarify your objectives
  • Outline an investment strategy
  • Identify, compare, and perform due diligence on potential properties
  • Find specific opportunities, including commercial properties, income-generating residential and multifamily units, farms, ranches, vineyards, timber, vacant or undeveloped land, and more special-use and unique asset types 
  • Create a plan to reduce or manage risks
  • Coordinate the purchase closing process
  • Manage your assets post-closing

Managing your existing holdings

You may find the day-to-day management of your properties a strain on your time and resources. Your Trust Real Estate Advisory Specialist can work on your behalf to:

  • Analyze cash flow and returns, and determine values to establish an investment strategy 
  • Help maximize value with best-practice strategies and key transactions
  • Create and review budgets and monthly reports
  • Assess the performance of your holdings 
  • Analyze and structure leases
  • Coordinate leasing activity
  • Monitor and pay property taxes and request appeals, as needed 
  • Assess insurance coverage needs

Selling or transferring ownership

Whether you’re considering a sale, an exchange, or an inheritance for future generations, we can help:

  • Identify and evaluate appropriate transfer options
  • Oversee property valuation, either to set an asking price or determine your tax deduction
  • Coordinate sale activity
  • Evaluate and potentially minimize the impact of capital gains tax 
  • Provide options for executing the sale, exchange, or transfer
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