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Real Estate Asset Management


Whether you want to own a single property or a portfolio of real estate in the U.S., leverage the professional experience of our real estate asset management team and strategic advisory services.

At Wells Fargo Private Bank, the Real Estate Asset Management team analyzes the bigger picture for you—the impact of your real estate holdings on your overall investment portfolio. It’s one of our core competencies. Our goal is to help optimize your portfolio’s potential while addressing the risks and challenges of owning real estate.

Focus on value and cash flow

We work with you to help maximize value—through strategic acquisitions and dispositions of property, executing comprehensive leasing plans and capital improvement programs. And we strive to help maximize cash flow—through proactive management, operational and tax efficiencies, capital improvement programs, as well as strong lease and contract negotiations.

Solutions for each stage of real estate investment

You’ll have the guidance of one of our experienced real estate professionals at each stage of the process:

Acquire real estate

If you’re looking to buy and manage properties—of any kind in any U.S. market—our experienced specialists are fully equipped to:

  • Develop a real asset strategy based on your specific investment criteria
  • Explore opportunities to help you use real estate ownership as a multi-generational wealth building tool
  • Evaluate alternative succession and transition plans for your real estate
  • Consider tax efficient holding structures
  • Find specific opportunities (based on your goals):
    • Commercial properties
    • Residential and multi-family units
    • Farms, ranches, and vineyards
    • Timberland
    • Vacant or undeveloped land
    • A broad array of special-use and other unique asset types
  • Complete 1031 Exchanges
  • Identify potential financing options, including floating, fixed rate, and commercial non-recourse loans

Manage real estate portfolios

Working closely with you, we’ll proactively manage portfolios and assess the performance of each individual property, as well as your overall portfolio, to develop a strategic plan. After a thorough analysis — and depending on your needs — we’ll be prepared to:

  • Implement new strategies to potentially maximize cash flow and value
  • Assess your current debt and recognize opportunities for using credit to your advantage in commercial real estate portfolio management
  • Manage risk in your portfolio with a review of insurance options
  • Prepare budgets and cash flow projections
  • Assist with the day-to-day management of your properties
  • Reposition underperforming assets
  • Create multiple transition strategies or liquidity options

Sell or transfer property ownership

Gain valuable insights working with our specialists who offer strategic solutions for the sale or disposition of your real estate holdings and redeployment of capital. Also, we can work with you to evaluate other liquidity options.

When you’re ready to consider the sale, transfer or liquidity of your property, our team is prepared to:

  • Analyze and oversee the valuation of your property to set a purchase price
  • Recommend either the sale, 1031 exchange, transfer, or repositioning of your real estate assets
  • Identify and qualify potential buyers
  • Collaborate with your legal, accounting and tax advisors
  • Evaluate the potential impact of capital gains tax and establish a plan designed to help minimize the impact
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