Estate Planning: When and Why

Michael Liersch, Head of Advice and Planning, discusses how starting and updating your estate plan can help loved ones make the most out of life. 

Transcript: Estate Planning: When and Why

Michael Liersch: The one constant about life, is that it’s always changing.

Every day, every year, brings something new. Something to protect, and to care for.

When people hear the words “estate planning,” it can feel a little overwhelming.

Speaker: Michael Liersch, Head of Advice and Planning, Wells Fargo Wealth & Investment Management

Michael Liersch: What’s a will? What’s a trust? How do I talk to my family about it?

It feels complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

Our goal is to take the success that our clients have already had, and create ways to extend that success moving forward, so that they can see their family benefit from it.

What we’re really doing is helping build the scaffolding for their family’s future.

And it’s not something you throw in a drawer and dust off years from now.

It’s a living, breathing document, because when we talk about estate planning strategies, we talk about what will happen over the next year, the next ten years, and the next three generations.

And we build a structure to allow that to happen.

To grow and to change over time as the family does,

So it’s flexible enough to account for all that life has in store.

Because let’s be honest, life is quite a ride, and we all want our loved ones to live it to the fullest.

Making that happen doesn’t have to be hard.

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