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Voice Verification Questions

Wells Fargo now offers Voice Verification an advanced technology that identifies you by your unique voice. Whether you want to use our automated phone service or speak with a representative, our Voice Verification service is a secure and convenient way for customers to identify themselves over the phone. To get started, contact us at 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557).

What is Voice Verification?

Voice Verification is a biometrics service that allows customers to use their unique voice to verify their identity when they call Wells Fargo for service on their accounts. Customers can choose to speak a simple passphrase instead of entering other information.

What are the benefits of Voice Verification?

A customer’s unique voiceprint enables an authentication experience that is secure and easy to use. Voice Verification is more convenient than traditional methods and effectively protects your identity.

Will I have to use Voice Verification every time I call in?

Voice Verification is an optional service; your account can still be accessed using existing authentication methods.

Is Voice Verification secure?

Like you, your voiceprint is unique to you and extremely difficult to duplicate. Voice Verification is not a recording; it uses complex technology to mathematically identify your voice characteristics.

What if someone records me? Can they use a recording of my voice to access my account?

While verifying your voiceprint, Wells Fargo technology analyzes if the voice is a recording or a live person. If suspected of being a recording, a customer will be prompted for additional account verification information.

Should I be concerned about privacy?

It is entirely your decision as to whether or not you use the Voice Verification service.  If you choose to record or use a voiceprint, Wells Fargo protects it with the same secure measures we use for your other private information.

What if I want to no longer use Voice Verification?

You can remove your voiceprint at any time by speaking with a representative.  However we believe our customers will find Voice Verification to be a simple, secure and more convenient authentication method.

What if I have a cold or if there is a lot of background noise, will it still work?

Hundreds of voice characteristics are represented in each caller’s voiceprint, only a few of which are affected by a cold.  A health condition that severely affects a caller’s voice, such as laryngitis, could lead to failed authentication using Voice Verification – in this case we’ll authenticate with other methods. There is also noise reduction technology that enhances speech so you can use Voice Verification with typical background noises.

How does Wells Fargo help protect me from fraud?

We are consistently enhancing our security measures and identifying new and emerging threats to help keep your accounts and information secure. Learn how we identify you and help protect your data.

How do I enroll in Voice Verification?

Enrolling in Voice Verification is quick and easy.  To get started, contact Wells Fargo at 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557).  Our representatives are happy to assist you with the process.