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Voice Verification

Security, tailored to your voice

Your voice gets you in

What is Voice Verification?

Voice Verification is an innovative biometric technology that allows you to use your unique voiceprint to access your accounts when you call Wells Fargo. Not only is it secure, Voice Verification is simple, because it makes your voice your password.


Your voice is always with you, so it’s easy and convenient to use no matter where you are. Takes just a few minutes; just repeat a simple phrase for quick and secure account access.


Just like you, your voice is unique. This makes it difficult and unlikely that someone can fake your voice to access your account.


For immediate access to your accounts, just repeat a simple phrase. There’s no need to memorize anything; we’ll tell you what to say.

To start using Voice Verification, call us at 1-800-869-3557 and say “banker” or press 0.