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Wells Fargo Mobile® App Questions

Top questions

How do I download the Wells Fargo Mobile® app?

The Wells Fargo Mobile® app is available for Apple® and AndroidTM devices. Download the Wells Fargo Mobile app on the App StoreSM and on Google PlayTM.

How is the Wells Fargo Mobile app different from our mobile website?

By using the Wells Fargo Mobile app made specifically for Apple and Android, we use your device’s built-in features to provide a better experience and additional features such as mobile check deposit, biometric authentication, and location services.

How can I access online banking features on my mobile device that are only available in the desktop Wells Fargo Online® website?

Follow these steps to access the desktop website from your mobile device:

  1. From a mobile browser, in the address field, enter
  2. Most mobile browsers offer a desktop option as a selection in the browser search bar.

    For Safari® browser: Select AA from the left side of the search field. The browser options will display. Select Request Desktop Website.

    For Chrome® Browser: select the three dots on the right side of the browser bar. From the browser options, select Desktop site.
  3. Once Desktop browser option is selected, the Wells Fargo Online website will appear. Select Sign On to access the site.

General questions

What can I do using the Wells Fargo Mobile app?

Developed for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile and tablet devices, you can:

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Deposit checks
  • Send and receive money with people you know and trust with Zelle®
  • View account balances and details
  • Search transactions
  • Activate or replace credit/debit cards
  • Find ATMs using GPS
  • Enable push notifications
  • Use a digital wallet
  • View Online Statements and Documents

I downloaded the new app, where can I find Ending Daily Balance?

The new mobile app displays Ending Daily Balance on the "See all transactions" page. To view the Ending Daily Balance, go to the Accounts page and select an account. Scroll past the most recent transactions and select ‘See all transactions”. The next page will show the Ending Daily Balance on each date a transaction posted to the account.

Security questions

Is the Wells Fargo Mobile app secure?

The Wells Fargo Mobile app uses multiple methods to provide security:

  • Wells Fargo uses 128-bit encryption to scramble sensitive information during your online session
  • Authentication is used to ensure your identity and to limit access to your information
  • When you close the mobile app the session is ended to prevent unintentional sharing of data

How do I know I am downloading a legitimate Wells Fargo Mobile app?

To help ensure the security of your personal and account information, download apps from reputable sources only. When downloading a Wells Fargo Mobile app for your mobile device, ensure that Wells Fargo Bank is listed as the app publisher or seller.

If you have suspicions about the authenticity of a mobile banking app, learn more about our Wells Fargo Mobile apps and access links to download.

For more info on how to help keep your accounts secure, visit our Security Center.

What if I lose my mobile device?

You should use another device to sign on and change your password.

If your mobile device contained information associated with the digital wallet feature, or if you need additional assistance, contact customer service at 1-866-863-6762, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

App version upgrade questions

I received a notification that I need to update my app. How do I check that I have the most recent app version?

AndroidTM device:
Go to the Play Store app
Click on Profile icon image on top right corner, as the Google Setting page will open
Click on Manage Apps & Device
From the Overview tab, go to Updates Available section, click See Details
A list of apps that are available for an update should appear.
Check the list of apps to see if Wells Fargo is on the list
If yes, select Wells Fargo and click Update

On Apple® device:
Go to Apple App Store app
Click on Profile icon image on top right corner, as the Apple Account page will open
Scroll down the page to Upcoming Automatic Updates
A list of apps that are available for updates should appear
Check the list of apps to see if Wells Fargo is on the list
If yes, select Wells Fargo and click Update

What if the latest Wells Fargo app version is not compatible with my device?

If you had a prior version of the Wells Fargo mobile app working on your phone, you may continue to use it until a message appears that requires you to update prior to logging in. When you use an older version of the app, you are unable to use new features, or take advantage of bug fixes until you update your device to the latest version. 

Unfortunately, there is a point in time Wells Fargo no longer supports legacy operating systems. At that time, you will receive a notification in the app preventing you from signing into the app and an upgrade is required. 

Other options exist to use a mobile phone to perform online banking. Customers can use Safari, Chrome or approved browsers to access on a mobile device. This mobile browser experience does not offer the same full mobile app features such as check deposit or Face ID. To view approved browser, refer to the Supported Browsers and Wells Fargo Mobile® app Requirements.

How do I update the app if I’m outside of the United States?

To ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of the Wells Fargo Mobile® app, visit your app store, and click "update", if available, for the Wells Fargo Mobile® app.

Starting March 26, 2024, the Wells Fargo Mobile® app will only be available for download from the United States Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If you created your Apple App Store or Google Play Store account using a non-U.S. address, you’ll no longer be able to install or update the Wells Fargo Mobile® app.  Stay up to date with the most recent version by accessing or downloading the app from the U.S. Apple App Store or Google Play; this requires your Apple ID or Google ID to be associated with your U.S. address.

If you don’t have access to the mobile app, you’ll still have access to on your mobile and desktop browser for your everyday banking needs.

How to check your app store account address (as of 2/1/24): 

AndroidTM device:
Go to GooglePlay
Select your Account Profile icon in the top right
Select Personal Info
Your Home address will be displayed and available for update

On Apple® device:
Go to the App Store
Go to your Apple ID Profile icon in the top right
Select Country/Region
Your Home address will be displayed and available for update

Operating System Requirements

Why are you forcing me to upgrade my operating system or app version?

Security is a number one priority at Wells Fargo. Android and Apple constantly strive to deliver enhanced protection and performance to the mobile platform through system upgrades and operating system releases. Wells Fargo partners closely with the newest operating system to deliver a quality app with the latest security functionality.

Please note that if your device is running an older version of the operating system, or if you have an older model phone, the phone might not be able to effectively run all the software code that Wells Fargo app requires to ensure the most secure experience. Older operating systems (as well as older device models) create unintended experiences and do not work as designed during app interactions. - we require specific operating systems in order to protect customer’s data and provide the most secure experience.

What Operating System does Well Fargo Mobile App support?

As of August 2024, the following operating systems are supported to install, update and run the Wells Fargo mobile app.

iPhone: iOS 15 or higher
iPad: iPadOS 15 or higher
Android phone and tablet: Android OS 10 or higher

How do I check the Operating System on my phone?

AndroidTM device:
Open your Device settings
Tap Software Update to check for updates
Tap Download and Install

On Apple® device:
Open your Device Settings
Tap General
Tap Software Update
Tap Download and Install

If an update is available, a notification will appear, otherwise the device will display the operating system version.