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Small Business Top FAQs

1. How do I open or close a business account?
To open a new business account, you can:
To close a business account, please visit your local Wells Fargo Store or contact our National Business Banking Center at 1-800-225-5935.

If you would like to close your Business Loan, Line of Credit, or other type of account, please call the appropriate customer service department listed on your statement or in this phone directory.Back to Top
2. When will I get my new Business Platinum Debit Card?
Your new Business Platinum Debit Card should arrive within 5 to 7 business days of your request date. If you do not receive your card within this time, please contact us immediately at 1-800-225-5935 so that we may cancel your card and issue a replacement.

If you also requested a new Personal Identification Number (PIN) by mail, you should receive it by mail within 7 to 10 business days. If you do not receive your PIN within this time, please contact us immediately at 1-800-225-5935 or visit your local Wells Fargo store location.Back to Top
3. How do I set up a wire transfer?
If you wish to send a wire, you must visit your local Wells Fargo store to provide an original signature; wire instructions cannot be accepted through email or fax. Only signers on the account with proper identification may initiate a wire. While at the store, you can complete a Wire Agreement and order a PIN that will allow you to initiate future wires over the phone or set up recurring wires that will be sent to the same account on a regular basis. You will receive your PIN by mail within 10 to 14 business days. Your Wells Fargo store representative can give you all the details.

If you wish to receive a wire, you have two options:
  • Use Wells Fargo’s FedWire routing transit number, 121000248 for domestic wires
  • Use Wells Fargo's Swift code: WFBIUS6S for international wires

For any of the above options, you must provide the following information to the originator of the wire:
  • Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  • City/State: San Francisco, CA (regardless of where your account is located)
  • Routing transit number 121000248 or SWIFT address: WFBIUS6S
  • Account number: Your 10 digit Wells Fargo account number (including leading zeros)
  • Account title - the name or title of the account as it appears on the bank statement

There are fees for sending and receiving wire transfers. Please inquire with a banker at your local Wells Fargo store for fee information.

If you are sending overseas wires, foreign currency wire transfers are available. For assistance with Foreign Currency Wire Transfers, call 1-800-786-5593 or visit your local Wells Fargo store and speak with a banker. You can also download the Wire Transfer Quick Reference Guide (PDF)* to review prior to visiting your local store.

To locate a convenient Wells Fargo store location, please use our Locator. Back to Top
4. What is my routing transit number (also known as ABA or RTN)?
Referred to as "RTN" or "Routing number" this is a nine digit numeric code printed on the bottom of checks. The Routing Transit Number is used by banks to help route the payment of checks. When enrolling for direct deposit (such as for payroll) or when setting-up direct payments you will be asked for your check's routing transit number.

To locate your routing transit number, look at the numbers along the bottom edge of your check. View a sample check with the routing transit number illustrated. Back to Top
5. How can I get my current balance? Why is there a difference between my online balance and what is shown at the ATM?
Current account balances are available through touch-tone phone (1-800-225-5935, option 1, option 3) and online via Wells Fargo Business Online®. Go to to sign on or enroll.

Your available balance includes all pending transactions and is the amount to rely on when determining the amount of funds available in your account. Your available balance can change throughout the day because transactions such as check card purchases and ATM deposits or withdrawals are added and subtracted in real time.

Your ending balance is calculated only once — at the end of the business day. It includes any deposits, credits, checks, or other transactions we have received before the close of business. ATM deposits will be reflected in your available balance immediately, but they may not post to your ending balance until the next business day, depending on whether or not the deposit was made before the cut-off time posted at the ATM. Back to Top
6. How do I switch my business accounts to Wells Fargo?
Making the switch to Wells Fargo is easy. By using our Small Business Switch Kit, you can quickly begin taking advantage of Wells Fargo's full range of products and services to manage cash flow, send and receive payments, and pay employees. Back to Top
7. What are the Wells Fargo banking store and ATM cut-off times for making a deposit?
In order for a deposit to be credited to your account the same business day, it must be made before the posted "cut-off" time. Any transactions completed after this time, or on a non-business day, will be credited to your account on the next business day.

Business days are Monday through Friday, except for federal banking holidays. Most Wells Fargo stores and ATM locations have a cut-off time of 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and 6:00 pm on Fridays. Cut-off times are displayed in all locations, and you can also check your local store or ATM by using our Locator.

Read more frequently asked questions about checking and savings accounts. Back to Top
8. How do I order checks?
You can order checks and deposit tickets for your eligible business accounts online. Order now.

By Phone
Please call Harland Clarke at 1-800-237-8982. Agents are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 9:00 pm Pacific Time, and Saturday 5:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time.

Check Styles
You can view all of the Business Check Styles as well as accessories and enhancements by viewing our Business Check Solutions Catalog (PDF)*. Back to Top
* You need Adobe® Reader® to read PDF files. Download Adobe Reader for free.