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Business credit card questions

New Credit Card Applications

How do I apply for a business credit card?

We are gearing up for some exciting new Small Business Credit Card offerings and we look forward to sharing more in the coming months. We are not currently accepting new business credit card applications.

Wells Fargo maintains its strong commitment to small business customers, and we are here to help meet your needs. We invite you to read more about our Small Business offerings.

Making payments

What are my payment options?

For Business Cardholders: You may pay your Current Payment Due to extend your payments over time or pay the full balance. Please refer to the customer agreement for more details.

For Business Elite Signature Card customers: The Current Payment Due will be either 5% of the balance or $500 (whichever is greater). If the balance is less than $500, the Current Payment Due will equal the balance. For companies with credit lines over $100,000, the monthly balance must be paid in full.

Where do I send payments by mail?

Send your payment to the one of the following addresses:

For Business Cardholders:
Payment Remittance Center
P.O. Box 77033
Minneapolis, MN 55480-7733

For Business Elite Signature Card:
Elite Card Payment Center
P.O. Box 77066
Minneapolis, MN 55480-7766

Are there other ways I can make payments?

Yes. Here are other options for making payments:

  • Make a transfer through Wells Fargo Business Online® from a Wells Fargo account.
  • Use our automatic payment service.
  • Call us: Business Cardholders may call 1-833-441-0793. Business Elite Signature Cardholders may call 1-800-231-5511.

Managing my account

How do I access my business credit card account online?

Simply enroll in Wells Fargo Business Online® and you will have secure online access to your accounts through your desktop and mobile devices.

Can I request multiple employee cards?

Yes. You can request to add employee cards any time after your account is booked.

Can I set spending limits on my employee cards?

Business Elite Signature cardholders can assign controls by calling our Business Elite servicing team at 1-800-231-5511.

Can my employees view their business card transactions online?

Yes. You can assign view-only account access for up to 25 guest users in Wells Fargo Business Online® OR your employee(s) can add access in Wells Fargo Business Online® via Accounts Settings > Add Account or by calling 1-800-956-4442.

How do I add or remove guest-user online access?

In Wells Fargo Business Online®, you can sign on and go to Account Access Manager. There you can assign view-only account access for up to 25 guest users. And you can return to the Account Access Manager to remove access for any guest users.

Card features

Can I use my business credit card for Overdraft Protection?

Yes. You can link your business credit card to your Wells Fargo business checking account to cover insufficient funds/overdrafts.

How do I sign up for Overdraft Protection?

To sign up for Overdraft Protection, sign on to your business account through Wells Fargo Business Online®. Select the Account Services link at the top right of the page, then select Credit Card Service Center. You can also enroll by calling the phone number on the back of your business card.

Unsure of how to sign on to your business account? You may need to enroll in Wells Fargo Business Online®.

Advances from your credit account are treated as cash advances and interest will accrue from the date each advance is made. Subject to account eligibility requirements. Please see your Customer Agreement for details.

How can I get business credit card spending reports?

With Wells Fargo Business Online®, you can generate spending reports to help you manage your business expenses. From the Accounts tab, go to Manage Cards, and select the Business Credit Card Center, then select Spending Reports. This service allows you to:

  • Track and manage cardholder spending, payments, and other transactions
  • Analyze spending by category
  • View spending by merchant
  • Create various reports

Card Alerts

How do I enable alerts?

You will need to enroll in Wells Fargo Business Online® with a valid email address and eligible business credit card. To enable alerts:

  1. Sign on, then select Accounts, then Manage Alerts
  2. Choose the card number
  3. Select the alert type, frequency, and delivery method
  4. Select Subscribe to save your selections

Security and fraud

What do I do if I suspect that there has been an unauthorized transaction on my business credit card?

If you have a transaction on your credit card that you or your employees did not authorize, please contact us immediately.

  • For Business Cardholders, call 1-833-441-0793.
  • For Business Elite Signature Card, call 1-800-231-5511.

What if there are unauthorized charges on my card?

With Zero Liability protection, you are not responsible for unauthorized transactions that are reported within 60 days from the first statement showing the unauthorized transaction. If your card (or card number) is ever lost or stolen, report your missing card right away or tell us as soon as you notice any unauthorized activity.

  • For Business Cardholders, call 1-833-441-0793.
  • For Business Elite Signature Card, call 1-800-231-5511.

What happens if one of my employees or I lose a business credit card?

If your business card is lost, stolen, or if you notice unauthorized use on your account, you can request a replacement card:

  • Visit our mobile app and select "Replace My Card" on the main menu
  • Visit
  • For Business Cardholders, call 1-833-441-0793. For Business Elite Signature Card, call 1-800-231-5511.

Online Shopping Security

Is a one-time security passcode required for all online purchases?

No. Wells Fargo will only prompt you for a passcode when additional verification is required.

How will I receive a one-time security passcode?

A one-time passcode will be sent via text to the mobile phone number that is on file with Wells Fargo to service your account. If you have more than one mobile number on file, you will be prompted to select the desired number. If you do not recognize the numbers, please call the number on the back of your card to speak with a Wells Fargo representative. We send our one-time passcodes from 93557 or 93733. We recommend that you add the numbers to your phone's address book so you’ll be able to easily identify our text messages.