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Business credit card questions

Credit Card Applications

How do I apply for a business credit card?

  • With Signify Business Cash, customers earn an unlimited 2% cash rewards on purchases they make for their business – with no caps, limits, or categories to track and cash rewards never expire, as long as the account remains open.
  • There are a few ways to apply:
         o  Online or by visiting a branch near you.

What should I expect after I apply online?

  • If your application is instantly approved, you will receive your new business card(s) in a plain white envelope along with additional information on the card features, benefits and terms of the account.
  • If your application is not instantly approved, we will send communication about our credit decision or a request for more information within 5 to 7 business days.


How do I pay my bill?

  • By signing on to Wells Fargo Business Online®
  • By mail (Please include your credit card account number on your check)
    Payment Remittance Center
    P.O. Box 77033
    Minneapolis, MN 55480-7733
  • By phone. 1-833-441-0793.

    Set up Autopay: Make sure your credit card is paid on time by scheduling automatic payments.

Fraud and Security

What do I do if I suspect there has been an unauthorized transaction on my business credit card?

If you have a transaction on your credit card that you or your employees did not authorize, please contact us immediately by calling the number on the back of your card.

How do I report a lost or stolen card?

If your business card is lost or stolen, you can request a replacement card:

How do I dispute a charge?

To initiate a dispute please call the number on the back of your card. Once you contact us with a dispute, we'll help get it resolved as quickly and easily as possible.

Card Alerts

How do alerts work and what types of alerts can I receive?

To stay on top of your account activity, you can select which alerts you'd like to receive and decide if you want them sent to your email or mobile device.
  • Based on your preferences, you can set up alerts to be notified when:
         o  The number of purchases made in a single day exceeds a limit or dollar amount that you choose
         o  Your card is declined
         o  A payment is upcoming or has posted to your account
         o  Your available credit drops below a certain amount
         o  Specific events are added to your credit report
         o  And many more!
  • Add new alerts or change your preferences anytime
  • Alerts can be added for you and your employee cards!

How do I enable alerts?

  • Sign on to Wells Fargo Business Online® or visit our mobile app
  • Select Accounts, then Manage Alerts
  • Choose the card number
  • Select the alert type and delivery method
  • Select Subscribe to save your selections

Cardholders and Administrators

How do I add or remove an employee from my account?

  • To add employee cards at no additional cost, sign on to Wells Fargo Business Online® or visit our mobile app then select Add Cardholders
  • With employee cards, you can track your employee’s expenses and stay in control with customized alerts, while earning rewards on their business purchases
  • To remove employee cards, please call the number on the back of your card

How do I add or remove an Administrator from my account?

  • Sign on to Wells Fargo Business Online®
  • Select your business name from the drop down under Account Summary
  • Choose Manage Access under Welcome and then Manage Business Administrators
  • To remove Administrator cards, please call the number on the back of your card

Card Features

How do I access business credit card spending reports?

  • Sign on to Wells Fargo Business Online®
  • From the Accounts tab, go to Manage Cards, and select the Business Credit Card Center.
  • Then select Spending Reports.

How do I track my rewards earnings?

You can access your Wells Fargo Rewards account(s) to view your rewards earnings in several easy ways:

  • Sign on to Wells Fargo Business Online® and from the Account Summary page the rewards balance will be displayed within the Rewards summary box.
  • Log in directly to Your username and password will be the same as your Wells Fargo Online username and password. If you have not enrolled in Wells Fargo Online, you will be prompted to do so.
  • You may also call the Wells Fargo Rewards Service Center at 1-877-517-1358 to have your balance provided by the automated telephone system or to speak with a Rewards Representative.