Messages & Alerts

What is Message Center?

Message Center is a service offered to all Wells Fargo Business Online® customers. Here’s where you’ll typically find answers to questions you’ve emailed us about your accounts, important notifications, and alerts you’ve subscribed to. When you’re in your online session, go to Message Center through the More menu. You’ll see your messages listed. Select a subject line to read the entire message. Message Center is secure and, of course, your information will be kept confidential.

Do I need to sign up for Message Center?

No, you are not required to sign up for this feature. You can access Message Center for your messages by selecting Message Center in the More menu.

Does it cost anything to receive messages and alerts?

No. This service is free to all Wells Fargo Business Online customers.

Where is Message Center located?

Message Center can be found in your secure, Wells Fargo Business Online session in the More menu.

What types of messages and alerts will I receive in Message Center?

You can receive several different types of messages in Message Center:

  • When you send an inquiry during a secure Wells Fargo Business Online session, check Message Center for our reply. We will also send a notification to your external email address when a message has been delivered to Message Center.
  • If you have subscribed to alerts through the Manage Alerts page for your eligible checking, savings, and credit card accounts, you will get these alerts at both your external email address and Message Center. 
  • You may also receive important notifications from Wells Fargo in Message Center.

What kind of turn-around time can I expect on my message to a banker?

Wells Fargo makes every attempt to respond to our customers within 24 hours of receiving your message.

How long do messages stay in Message Center?

A message will stay in Message Center until its expiration date or until you delete the message. Just select Message Center whenever you sign on to Wells Fargo Business Online in order to see if you have new messages. To save a message for longer than the expiration date, you can print out the detail page of your message and file it, or copy and paste the text into a word processing document, which you can save in a folder on your computer.

How do I reply to messages from Message Center?

After opening the message, you can click the Reply button to send a message back to Wells Fargo through your secure Wells Fargo Business Online session.

Why are responses sent to Message Center instead of my external email address?

Message Center is the most reliable, secure way for you to receive messages from Wells Fargo. Messages are accessed through your Wells Fargo Business Online session, which ensures that any information sent to you cannot be viewed by anyone else.

How will I know when there’s a response in my Message Center?

When Wells Fargo responds to your inquiry, we send a notification to your external email address to alert you that our reply is ready for your viewing. Sign on to Wells Fargo Business Online to be taken directly to our reply in Message Center.

I haven’t received any alerts to my external email address. What should I do?

There are a few things you should check to determine why you’re not receiving email alerts:
  1. First, check your spam or bulk folders. If alerts appear in your spam or bulk folders, please add Wells Fargo to your address book.
  2. Second, check Message Center to ensure an alert was generated. Alerts are always sent to Message Center in addition to your external email address.

If you see alerts in Message Center (but not in your external email inbox or spam folder), please verify that you provided the correct email address for alert notifications. Access Manage Alerts through the More menu, and select the desired account. Select the alerts you’re subscribed to in order to verify the email address and to make sure all the required fields are completed.