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Automatic Mortgage Payment Options


Allows you to schedule automatic withdrawals timed to match your paycheck cycle.


  • Simplifies budgeting by paying your mortgage automatically
  • Conveniently enables you to split payments among four different accounts
  • Can conveniently pay off principal faster
  • May reduce the total interest paid over the life of your mortgage loan

How it works

Match your mortgage payment withdrawal with these available payday cycles

  • Monthly
  • Twice a month (1/2 total payment)
  • Every other week (1/2 total payment)
  • Weekly (1/4 total payment)

Payments made weekly, every other week, and twice a month are treated as partial payments and may not be applied to your mortgage until full payment is received. A partial payment is anything less than the amount due on your billing statement.

If you choose the weekly or every-other-week option, withdrawals in addition to the amount needed to cover your monthly mortgage payments will naturally occur 2 to 5 times per year. This can help you pay off your mortgage faster, because once your mortgage is paid ahead by one month, any extra withdrawals will go directly to your principal balance. Twice a month withdrawals do not create additional partial payments that can be applied to reducing your principal loan balance.

What you need to enroll

Any checking or savings account

Enrollment options

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Convenient online payment features

We have options through Wells Fargo Online® to make paying your mortgage easier.

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