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In just minutes, you can find out how much you could borrow and receive a customized mortgage estimate — all without affecting your credit score.

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Home affordability calculator

Get an estimated home price and monthly mortgage payment based on your income, monthly debt, down payment, and location.

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Refinance mortgage calculator 

Estimate your monthly payments, APR, and mortgage interest rate to see if refinancing could be the right move.

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The importance of home loan calculator tools

Before you buy, you can view your estimated home price and monthly payment based on your location, household income, monthly debt, and down payment amount.

Feel more confident in your home search by utilizing Wells Fargo’s home loan calculators. Mortgage calculators can show you your potential monthly mortgage payment and even help you get prequalified—all you need to do is input a few criteria, such as home price, location, income details, and more.

Mortgage prequalification is a simple process that uses your income, debt, and credit information to let you know how much you may be able to borrow. Getting prequalified before you shop for homes can help you:

  • Focus your search — Establishing  your price range up front means you can target the right homes in your search.
  • Move forward confidently — When it's time to make an offer, you'll have the confidence of knowing you can back it up.
  • Know your options — Seeing the loan amount, interest rate, and monthly payment you could qualify for means you'll be able to make the mortgage decision that works best for you. 

If you're buying a home, it's highly recommended that you obtain a property inspection and make your purchase offer contingent on the findings of the inspection.

There is a difference between a property inspection and an appraisal. An appraisal is required by most mortgage lenders in order to support the value of the real estate and the terms of the mortgage agreement.

Prequalification and preapproval actually have more similarities than differences:

  • Neither comes with any fees or obligations.
  • Neither one is a commitment to lend.
  • Both provide an estimate of how much you could borrow to buy a home.
  • Both base that estimate on factors like your debt-to-income ratio, how much you have for a down payment, and your credit history.

The key difference is that a preapproval is a more accurate and reliable estimate based on a more complete view of your credit. That's because when you prequalify, we perform a "soft" credit inquiry, which gives us information about your credit history and monthly debts, but this doesn't provide as much detail as a "hard" credit inquiry, which is required for a preapproval.

Your preapproval also comes with a PriorityBuyerSM Preapproval Letter that you and your agent can give to sellers when you make an offer, so they know you're a serious buyer.

If you're not sure which option is right for you, start by getting prequalified online. It only takes a few minutes, and afterward you can easily take the next step and let us know you'd like to get preapproved.

Many people start by determining what they can afford as a monthly payment. A common starting point is to calculate 25% of your gross monthly income to help determine a manageable monthly mortgage payment.

Interest rates are influenced by the financial markets and can change daily – or multiple times within the same day. The changes are based on many different economic indicators in the financial markets. View our current interest rates.

Your monthly mortgage payment typically will include principal and interest on the mortgage, as well as homeowners insurance and property taxes if your mortgage payment includes escrow. Depending on your down payment and loan type, you may also have to pay private mortgage insurance as part of your monthly mortgage payment.

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A PriorityBuyer® preapproval is based on our preliminary review of information provided and limited credit information only and is not a commitment to lend. We will be able to offer a loan commitment upon verification of application information, satisfying all underwriting requirements and conditions, and property acceptability and eligibility, including appraisal and title report. Preapprovals are subject to change or cancellation if a requested loan no longer meets applicable regulatory requirements. Preapprovals are not available on all products. See a home mortgage consultant for details.

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