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IRA Center

Take control of your retirement, no matter where you are now.

Why an IRA?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is one of the smartest, most tax-efficient ways to save for retirement, and best of all, most people can take part.

Compare IRAs

The two most common types of IRAs work differently. Learn more about which may be the best choice for your retirement strategy.

Choose your account

Wells Fargo Advisors offers a variety of non-FDIC options to invest your savings.

Be tax smart as you plan for retirement

Whether you’re hoping for a deduction or mapping out a family legacy, tax planning and retirement go hand-in-hand.

Start Learning, Keep Learning

When it comes to retirement planning, it’s important to never stop learning. Review the types of IRAs and use our Retirement Tools & Calculators.

Should You Convert to a Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA conversion occurs when you take savings from a Traditional, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA or eligible rollover distributions from your employer-sponsored retirement plan such as a 401(k) and move them to a Roth IRA. At the time of conversion, you will pay the appropriate taxes due on before-tax dollars converted; the IRS 10% additional tax on early or pre-59 1/2 distributions does not apply to converted amounts. You may also owe the 10% additional tax for amounts withheld for taxes. The benefits of a tax-free income may justify the conversion.

Consolidate Your Retirement Accounts

Consider consolidating your financial assets at Wells Fargo to help you simplify your finances and get a better view of your overall financial picture.  For a start, we can explain the various options for your retirement plan savings and How to transfer your IRAs.

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