When planning a trip abroad, there are many things to get excited about: seeing the sites, staying in hotels, and, of course, trying local cuisine. Be prepared by making sure your credit card can help you pay for all the fun experiences you have planned by considering the tips below:

Before you go

Some credit card issuers may ask you to notify them about your travel plans, such as when and where you're traveling - whether domestic or international, as well as the cards you’re taking with you. This can prevent your credit card company from viewing your charges as suspicious and declining them because they’re made in another country. Wells Fargo no longer requests advance notice of travel plans. Sign on to online banking to confirm your contact information is up to date so we can contact you if we detect unusual activity. Learn more about foreign exchange and phone numbers that will work internationally if your credit card is lost or stolen.

Know the currency

Improve your chances of being able to pay with credit cards by finding out which credit card brands are more popular in your destination country. Also be aware that other places may have additional criteria around credit card acceptance. In Europe, for instance, some merchants and machines may only accept cards with a chip and personal identification number (PIN). While this is increasingly unusual, it may be wise to carry a small amount of cash on you. Also look into the currency exchange rate so you know what you’re paying in U.S. dollars.

Travel confidently

It’s easier to keep track of one credit card and store a second back-up credit card in a separate place in case you lose your primary card. It’s also wise to store your financial institution's contact information along with your passport. That way, if your card is lost or stolen, you'll have access to toll-free customer service numbers. When you go out, consider carrying your wallet in your front pocket or using a hidden belt, as your back pocket is an easy target for pickpockets.

Preparing for the financial aspects of your vacation may not be the most entertaining part of trip planning. However, just like packing a swimsuit for the tropics or warm layers for the cold, good financial planning can make it a lot easier to enjoy the good stuff.

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