Corporate Access

We understand that finding the appropriate blend of institutional ownership requires a substantial commitment of both resources and time. That is why our team of Corporate Access professionals works in a shareholder advisory capacity with our corporate clients to help them find stable, fundamental, and long-term investors to reach their institutional ownership goals.

Our work is focused on striking the optimal balance between aligning the goals of our corporate clients with the appropriate objectives of our investing clients.

By working in concert with our sales trading, research, and investment banking teams, we leverage the collective market expertise of an industry-leading capital markets platform and use that knowledge and market depth to benefit our clients.

How we help

Our advisory efforts include:

  • Institutional investor marketing strategy
  • Shareholder analysis
  • Geographical prioritization
  • Investor targeting

Our events are structured to derive maximum value for our attendees and are characterized by:

  • Integrity in our actions: We deliver what we say within the timeframe to which we commit.
  • Open flow of communication: We partner with your investor relations team to ensure there is an understanding and comfort with the execution and process of the event. 
  • Logistical execution: We integrate your unique requirements and needs into a professional and seamless experience so your focus remains on your investor meetings.
  • Timely and relevant feedback: We make every effort to provide quality, honest, and useful feedback to our clients quickly after non-deal roadshows are completed.

What customers are saying

– CEO of a Fortune 500 consumer company

– Director of Investor Relations of a Fortune 500 healthcare company

– Chairman/CEO of an energy company