Economic Commentary

Monthly Economic Outlook

Economists Nicole Cervi and Charlie Dougherty discuss the economic outlook.

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Social and Community Reports

Economic analysis on demographics, social issues, and challenges that impact our world.

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Economic reports from the Wells Fargo Economics Group provide domestic and international economic commentary to help you manage risk and capture business opportunities. Read from our selection of regularly updated economic reports from GDP growth and interest rate forecasts to U.S. and international economic analysis.

Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary

Insight into current U.S. and international events that affect the economy and financial markets.

U.S. Economic Outlook

Commentary and forecast tables on U.S. economic conditions.

International Economic Outlook

Commentary and forecast tables on the international economy and foreign exchange markets.

Economic Indicators

Concise analysis of U.S. economic indicators as they are released by the federal government and private organizations.

International Reports

Analysis of economic developments around the world and their impact on financial markets.

Regional Reports

Economic analysis of several regions in the U.S., with a focus on state economic output, employment, and outlook projections.

Special Reports

Reports on current events affecting the financial markets, such as Federal Reserve meetings and government policies.

Real Estate and Housing Reports

Commentary on economic trends in commercial real estate and the housing market.

Annual Economic Outlook

Inflation has trended lower in most economies recently, but price pressures have not completely abated. Major central banks must now determine how much stress their economies can handle before easing their restrictive policy stances. Will significant economic weakness be needed to restore “price stability”?

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