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Use Your Wells Fargo Business Debit Card to Pay Your Bills

Pay your bills quickly and conveniently

Use your business debit card to pay business bills such as Internet, cable and phone services, subscriptions, insurance, and more. You'll save valuable time on bookkeeping, and have more control over bill payments, even up to the last minute. There's no Wells Fargo service fee — just contact your service providers to set it up.

Your card also comes with Zero Liability protection at no additional cost, which means you will be reimbursed for unauthorized transactions as long as you report them promptly.1

Choose the kind of bill payment you want to make

Make one-time payments
Simply call your service providers to provide your business debit card number and expiration date. Provide the date and amount of payment. You can make payments at the last minute, even on the same date payment is due, when you use your business debit card.
Set up recurring payments
Contact your regular service providers to tell them to use your business debit card for future bill payments. After that, your recurring bills will be paid on the scheduled date you choose — it's that easy. You’ll know in advance when the money is coming out of the primary linked business checking account. You’ll continue to receive your statements and invoices from your service providers.
To get started, follow these steps:
  • Contact your service providers and ask to set up a one-time or recurring payment with your business debit card. You may even have the option to choose your payment date.
  • Have your billing account number and your Wells Fargo Business Debit Card number and its expiration date handy.
1 Please see your Wells Fargo Business Account Agreement for information on liability for unauthorized transactions.
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