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Debit Card Alerts

Take action to help protect your card

Debit card alerts provide a quick and easy way to monitor your activity

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Help stay informed about activity on your Wells Fargo Debit and ATM Cards

Enroll in Online Banking, sign up and customize your alerts for a variety of types of card activity. Alerts are available for both personal and business accounts.

Purchase limits

Get notified when a purchase made with the card exceeds an amount you specify, including:

  • An individual purchase
  • A purchase made online, by phone, or by mail
  • A purchase with a merchant based outside the United States

ATM activity

Get notified when a withdrawal made with the card exceeds an amount you specify, including:

  • Any ATM withdrawal
  • An ATM withdrawal outside the United States

Card declines

Get notified automatically for select decline reasons on the card. Go to Manage Alerts to see if you are set up to receive this alert automatically for select decline reasons including:

  • Insufficient funds
  • An incorrect PIN
  • An exceeded daily dollar limit
  • A blocked card

How to sign up for alerts

Sign on to your Wells Fargo Online account and access Manage Alerts. Select your debit card from the account list. Choose your alerts and delivery preferences – email, push notification, or text. You can add new alerts or change your notification preferences at your convenience.