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Smarter CreditTM Tips

Be proactive and check your credit report on a regular basis.
How we can help: Order a free credit report once a year through

Create a budget and stick to it. Budgeting helps you keep control of your finances — and it can help you resist spending sprees.
How we can help: My Spending Report with Budget Watch

Reduce your outstanding debt. Keep your credit card balances low and don’t take on more debt than you can handle. This also will help your credit score.
How we can help: Compare debt management solutions

Pay on time. Ask your credit card issuer if it offers automatic payment options or e-mail alerts to remind you when a payment is due.
How we can help: Bill Pay

Know your credit limit because if you exceed it, you may incur additional fees. Monitor your account so you know how much available credit you have.
How we can help: Credit Card Alerts

Prevent credit and debit card fraud by keeping close tabs on the activity in your account. If you notice suspicious activity, report it to your bank or credit card issuer immediately.
How we can help: Alerts

Know your needs and wants, and the difference between the two.
How we can help: My Spending Report with Budget Watch

Keep track of what you buy with your credit card. Save your receipts and check them against your statements.
How we can help: Better manage your spending and payments
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