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Global Remittance Services – ExpressSend

Wells Fargo ExpressSend® Service

An economical, convenient and dependable way to send money home.®

Economical. Send money at competitive exchange rates for low transfer fees with the Wells Fargo ExpressSend Service.

Convenient. You can send money online, through the Wells Fargo Phone BankSM, or at a Wells Fargo store location. Your beneficiary can easily access the money, either by cash pick-up or by having the funds deposited into an account at the receiving institution.

Dependable. Your money is delivered quickly and safely by a financial institution you trust.

Read Frequently Asked Questions or Sender’s Rights.


ExpressSend is a trusted and affordable way to send money to your family or friends in Mexico.

ExpressSend Services to Mexico

Central America and the Caribbean

Send money to family or friends in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, or Nicaragua.

ExpressSend Services to Central America and the Caribbean


Send money to family or friends in China, India, the Philippines, or Vietnam.

ExpressSend Services to Asia

South America

Send money to family or friends in Colombia, Ecuador, or Peru.

ExpressSend Services to South America

Estimate how much it will cost to send money to your family and friends around the world with the ExpressSend Remittance Cost Estimator.

Want more information about ExpressSend transactions?

Read the ExpressSend Sender’s Rights.

Ready to enroll?

To enroll in the Wells Fargo ExpressSend Service, call 1-800-869-3557.