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Balance Transfer

Use your Wells Fargo Credit Card as a powerful financial tool

Find out if a balance transfer is right for you.

You could pay less interest by transferring balances from other higher-rate credit cards to a Wells Fargo Credit Card. You might also lower your overall monthly payments and turn multiple bills into one easy payment. Balance transfer fees may apply.

A balance transfer can give you the flexibility to:

  • Pay off high-interest balances
  • Fund large expenses, such as home improvements
  • Cover emergencies and other unplanned expenses
  • Pay an individual
Balance Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the credit limit is lower than the total balance transfer requests and fees?

If the balance transfer amount(s) you request plus fees is greater than your available credit limit, we may send less than the amount requested, or no amount, to your creditor(s).

How much is the balance transfer fee?

Please see the Important Credit Terms for the most current balance transfer fee information.

How long would the balance transfer take to post to my credit card account?

It may take up to 14 days from the date your account is approved for the balance transfer request be posted to your account.

Will I be able to cancel a credit card balance transfer after I submit the request?

If you need to cancel a balance transfer, please call 1-800-642-4720.

Can I request a balance transfer after I get approved for a Wells Fargo credit card?

Once you are approved for a Wells Fargo credit card and receive your card in the mail, if eligible, you may be able to request a balance transfer in your online account, over the phone, or by using the balance transfer SUPERCHECKSTM if included when you received your card.

When will the balance transfer request impact my available credit on my account?

Balance transfer requests may take up to 14 days to reflect in your account balance and credit limit. 
Consider the requested balance transfer amount plus the transfer fee when using your card to make purchases to avoid the balance transfer being fulfilled for a lower amount. 

I would like to transfer a balance from one Wells Fargo credit card account to another Wells Fargo credit card account. How can I do that?

Balance transfers are not available between credit card accounts issued by Wells Fargo or any of its affiliates.

When will the funds be available in my checking account after depositing my balance transfer SUPERCHECKSTM?

Funds are typically available the next business day when deposited into a Wells Fargo account. Balance transfer SUPERCHECKS may take up to five business days for funds to be available if deposited into a non-Wells Fargo checking account.

Am I able to get additional balance transfer SUPERCHECKS?

Balance transfer SUPERCHECKS cannot be ordered or re-sent. If you want to request a balance transfer but do not have SUPERCHECKS, you may access your account online to complete your balance transfer, or call 1-800-642-4720.
Is a balance transfer available for your Wells Fargo credit card? Check Now
Call 1-800-642-4720 or visit a Wells Fargo location.
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