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Evolving auto market

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Wells Fargo has been serving the needs of automotive dealers and helping them achieve their personal and business goals since 1945, with world class service and cutting-edge financial solutions.

We offer auto dealers a complete suite of products and services to support a variety of business objectives including:

  • Purchasing inventory for new, used, demo, and service loaner vehicles
  • Working capital
  • Commercial real estate financing
  • Financing for acquisitions 
  • Succession planning
  • Managing payments and receipts 
  • Risk mitigation

Gain the Wells Fargo Advantage

Wells Fargo has the proven industry experience and dedicated, personal attention to create unique financing structures to support dealers through business cycles, innovation, and evolving needs. By working with us, you may benefit from:

  • National Accounts team with the expertise to support complex capital structures
  • Regional sales team to serve the needs of local dealerships
  • Retail financing services to help increase dealership sales, finance income, and help accelerate inventory turn
  • Online floorplan account management tool enables dealers to efficiently manage inventory
  • Treasury products to help improve operational efficiencies and help reduce fraud

Floorplan financing

Floorplan financing enables efficient, uninterrupted flow of inventory through the distribution channel and can provide the following potential benefits:

  • Increased inventory availability at point of sale helping to yield sales growth
  • Improved cash flow and liquidity resulting from extended repayment terms
  • Adequate credit to accommodate day-to-day operations and longer-term objectives through right-sized credit lines
  • Optimized allocation of capital evolving from reduced working capital requirements


Spread over 1-month SOFR


  • New vehicles: Full balance due at the end of 18 months. 10% curtailment after 12 months and 15 months
  • Used Vehicles: Full balance due at the end of 6 months; 10% curtailment after 90 days


  • New Vehicles: 100% of manufacturer’s invoice
  • Used Vehicles: 100% of auction value. Defined as current model year plus 7 previous model years with no more than 150,000 miles

Payoff requirements

Dealer to payoff any sold retail unit within 2 business days from the time the unit is funded or 10 business days from the date of sale, whichever is less

Equity account

Investment account allowing interest earned on investment to offset interest due on wholesale inventory

Direct flooring process

Wells Fargo has multiple agreements in place to floor directly with leading manufacturers

Treasury Management solutions

Treasury management solutions can help dealers manage cash flow and liquidity, monitor accounts for fraud, analyze and report on balances and transactions, and establish limits and controls for accounts, transactions, and users. Our experienced team of professionals provide insights and solutions to help make treasury a competitive advantage.

Maximize dealership banking efficiencies

Faster payments

  • Disbursements with Zelle® , Same Day ACH, real-time RTP® payments
  • Buy vehicles and other big-ticket items, or issue refunds for things like escrowed funds and returned parts - all from a dealership or driveway

Commercial card

  • One card platform for procurement and accounts payable disbursements
  • Help maximize efficiency and control, improve working capital, and take advantage of revenue share

Depository solutions

  • Desktop Deposit®, SafeVantage® smart safe, cash vault
  • Reduce the time spent away from your dealership by using remote deposit for checks and a smart safe or cash vault services for cash deposits

Merchant services

  • Wells Fargo Payment Gateway® , Telecheck verification
  • Accept credit cards, debits cards, and ACH through terminals or online, get as-soon-as next day funding , and identify potentially bad checks

Fraud prevention

  • Positive pay, Payment Authorization, ACH Fraud Filter, and Account Validation services
  • Prevent unauthorized checks and ACH on your account and validate account information to identify high-risk transactions and increase approval rates

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