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Wells Fargo ATM Tour

At your service – tour the features of our ATMs

Convenience and control of your bank account at every location

With your Wells Fargo account, you’ll have free access to more than 11,000 Wells Fargo ATMs around the country. You can also save time at the ATM using your contactless card or digital wallet for tap access.

Take this self-guided tour to see our ATM screens, and learn how you can use our ATMs for quick cash, deposits, payments, and much more.

Use one-touch banking. Even before you enter your card’s personal identification number (PIN) number, your most frequent transaction will show up for speedy access.

Select All other transactions to go to the main menu.

Change language preferences. Select English, Spanish, Chinese, Hmong, French, Korean, Russian, or Vietnamese.

Check rewards. If you’re a Wells Fargo Rewards® customer, view your balance and redeem rewards for cash or cash redemptions directed to a Wells Fargo deposit or credit account.

Personalize your ATM settings. Change your card’s PIN or language settings, and more.

Use Wells Fargo services. Update your phone number(s), and set up Debit Card Overdraft Service.

Manage Cash Tracker. Here’s where you can set or update a monthly withdrawal target, or turn off the Cash Tracker feature.

View/print nearby ATMs.

Change other settings.

  • Update your PIN quickly and conveniently.
  • Set language preferences.
  • Set and personalize your privacy control features — like whether to show your account balance in your ATM view.

Wells Fargo ATM accessibility

Our ATMs meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) maximum height and reach requirements.

Learn more about talking ATMs or use our ATM locator.

Save time at the ATM with tap access

Tap, enter your PIN, and you’re in

Tap the EMVCo Contactless Symbol with your card or your digital wallet to access your accounts at Wells Fargo ATMs.

Digital wallet

A secure way to make payments and access ATMs with your smartphone, watch, or tablet. Some examples are Apple Pay®, Google PayTM and Samsung Pay.