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Quicken® and QuickBooks® Desktop Software Retirement

When to upgrade

As the maker of Quicken and QuickBooks Desktop (Intuit) moves toward improving its products, services, and security, the retirement of older versions of software is necessary. Generally we support the most current year plus two previous years of software. This ensures that resources are available to bring you the best possible products and customer service.

To continue to integrate Wells Fargo Online® and Bill Pay with Quicken or QuickBooks Desktop, you will need to upgrade to a more recent version of software to avoid an interruption in your service. By upgrading to a more recent version, you will continue to have access to the following service features:

  • Downloading account transaction history
  • Transferring funds to another account
  • Scheduling one-time and recurring bill payments
  • Making changes to scheduled bill payments

Bill Pay Customers: It is important to note that any payments you have scheduled prior to the retirement of your version of software will continue to go out as scheduled.

To find out more about the following retirement plans, please go to the appropriate website:

Quicken upgrade assistance and technical support

Customer Care support with Quicken:

Intuit customer care support

  • QuickBooks Desktop: 1-877-797-5809
  • QuickBooks Online: 1-800-488-7330
  • If you do not have an Intuit Support Plan, the cost for a one-time support call is $59.95 per call.