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Card controls

Easily and securely control your Wells Fargo cards

Turn cards on or off, view recurring payments, and manage digital wallet access.

Sign On

You're in charge of your digital finances with secure, centralized access to your Wells Fargo card and account information. Sign on to securely view and manage your digital card numbers, accounts, and wallets.

Turn cards on or off

Take control of how your digital and physical Wells Fargo cards are used.

  • Turn your card on or off to restrict purchases or potential misuse
  • Manage debit card usage outside of the United States
  • View card details including balances, linked accounts, and daily limits

View recurring payments

  • Keep track of merchants you've had recurring transactions with in the past year
  • Avoid service disruptions by updating merchants with your current card information
  • Your recurring payments list is for informational purposes and may not include all of your recurring payments.

Manage digital wallets

Card controls help you keep track of the digital wallets linked to your account and the devices they’re active on. If you ever misplace your device, use card controls to temporarily suspend your digital card number and prevent the wallet from completing any new transactions.