Thanks for reaching out to us for help applying for a loan modification or another homeowner assistance program.

To get started, please open the links below, carefully complete the forms, and return them as soon as possible with any additional documents requested in the forms. Please be sure to read the important notes below before completing the forms.

Timing is critical, so please pay careful attention to all requirements and due dates, and respond quickly to our requests for information and documents. Continue making your regular mortgage payments until we notify you about eligibility for the Trial Period Plan.

Download, print, and complete:

Attorneys representing clients during a mediation or litigation proceeding must complete this form:

If these apply to you, please send us a copy of:

  • Your Homeowner Association (HOA) statement, showing dues amount and payment frequency
  • Documentation to verify all income of each borrower, including most recent federal tax returns

To return your documents, you can:

  • Upload to our secure site
  • Fax them to 1-866-359-7363
  • Mail them to:
    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
    PO Box 1629
    Minneapolis, MN 55440-9790


Use the Income documentation guide (PDF) to identify the income verification documents needed for your application.

You should soon also receive a loan modification package in the mail with these documents. You can use either version, but we recommend printing them now and returning them along with supporting documents as soon as possible.

Important notes

  • The terms of your existing mortgage will apply, including potential foreclosure, if all documents are not received by the due date noted in the modification you will receive by mail.
  • All borrowers must sign and date all documents where required.
  • Include your loan number on all correspondence.
  • The financial documentation you provide should be current, within the last 30 days.
  • It’s best to submit all documents individually in the same package instead of combining them into a single PDF.