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What Type of Credit may be Right for You?

Consider these options or stop by a Wells Fargo location to get additional information.
 Ideal forAmount You Can BorrowAccess to Funds
Mortgage Buying a home or vacation property, financing new construction or renovation, or refinancing to lower monthly payment and/or interest rate.Determined primarily by credit profile, home value and amount of down payment. Upon closing.
Home Equity
Larger expenses such as home improvements, bill consolidation, or other major purchases. Interest rates are generally lower than many other forms of credit.$10,000 to $500,000Upon closing or as applicable, 3 business days after closing
Wells Fargo Visa®
Credit Card
Managing everyday purchases, rewards points, adding optional Overdraft Protection.Credit limit varies by accountAt any time
Auto Financing Purchasing a new or used auto or RV, including refinancing of your existing loan.$5,000 to $100,000Receive funds in as little as 1 business day
Personal Lines of Credit
and Loans
Funding major purchases. Personal Loans may be used to eliminate high-interest debt by consolidating balances into one low monthly payment.$3,000 to $250,000Receive funds in as little as 1 business day
Student Loans Undergraduate, graduate,
or professional students.
Subject to qualificationReceive funds in as little as 3 business days
Special services for members of the military
Wells Fargo Military Banking offers bank accounts, loans, and mortgages for the armed forces.

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