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Credit Card Help Center

We understand that these are trying financial times

If you are struggling with credit card debt, we’d like to help

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How to get help

We know unexpected circumstances can make your financial life very hard to manage. If you are struggling to make your monthly credit card payment, or can’t catch up with your past-due payments, we may have solutions for you.

The sooner you contact us when you are experiencing financial difficulty, the sooner we can determine what help is available. We will review the nature of your hardship and your financial information to determine what payment solutions you may qualify for.

Payment optionsShow Details

We have a number of payment plans and options for which you may qualify. Here are just a few examples:

  • Short-term payment options provide a lower interest rate and a possible lower minimum payment amount.

  • Long-term payment options may be available for customers that require long-term concessions to regain control of finances, with a reduced interest rate and a managed payment size.

  • Debt counseling referrals are available for customers that have multiple debts, including debts that are not related to Wells Fargo. We can make referrals to a qualified not-for-profit debt counseling agency that can provide a more holistic approach to debt reduction. Find credit counseling services or call 1-888-272-8591.

Tools and resources for customersShow Details

We offer products, services, and resources to help you gain and maintain control of your finances.

  • Account alerts by email and text messaging. Receive e-mail alerts notifying you when:
    • your credit card advances have occurred to cover checking account overdrafts — for those who have opted to have their credit card account designated for overdraft protection
    • you are approaching your credit limit
    • you have reached your per-day limit on the amount charged
    • you have upcoming payment due dates, and more

  • Multiple ways to make payments. Let us help you avoid late fees by making prompt payments. You can use online transfers, Bill Pay, automatic payment service, in-store payments, ATM payments, and pay by phone.

  • The Hands on Banking ® service We’ve created a Wells Fargo-sponsored site to help you gain a better understanding of banking and credit.

  • Practical Money Skills for Life – Specifically created to help assist you with banking and credit.

  • My Spending Report – Learn how to use our online tool that categorizes your debit card, credit card and Bill Pay spending. Spending categories such as gas, groceries, and restaurants give you a consolidated, big-picture personal spending report.
If you have questions, please contact us at 1-888-272-8591. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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This is an attempt to collect a debt. Information obtained will be used for that purpose.