Electronic lockbox

Helping you streamline online bill payment processing 

Initiating bill payments through a single, trusted banking site may be convenient, simple, and paperless for your customers, but the convenience enjoyed by consumers as they schedule their payments online does not always proceed through the Bill Service Provider (BSP) to the Biller. This is due to the fact that many payments, initially submitted online, still end up being mailed out as paper checks by the BSP. These check-only payments create exceptions and often have incomplete or inaccurate remittance details, which can result in further processing delays.

The Wells Fargo E-Box® service is a comprehensive solution, enabling you to manage your online remittance process in a consolidated electronic data stream. With flexible multi-step validation and exception handling options, the E-Box service helps you maximize your straight-through electronic processing rate and minimize your exceptions. 

Extensive connectivity to major originating endpoints 

Wells Fargo connects to all major originating endpoints, including our extensive network of third-party concentrators, to help you maximize your electronic payments. Leverage the experience of our dedicated E-Box staff in working with billers from multiple industries, including energy and power, financial services, media and telecommunications, the public sector, and originators to implement an efficient electronic receivables solution. 

The Wells Fargo advantage 

  • Consolidated file and settlement. You receive a single remittance file and settlement for all online bill payments.  Select from one or more of our convenient processing windows. 
  • Extensive provider network. Maximize electronic payment volume and reduce paper check payment processed, speeding up delivery time when payments are processed electronically, creating a better customer experience. 
  • Robust account validation. With multi-step validation including account masking format, cross reference database processing and the use of inbound validation files, incorrect billing account data provided by consumers can be corrected automatically. 
  • Efficient exception management. Streamline your staff’s workflow around exception items to enhance process efficiency, improve productivity, and minimize costs. Through E-Box Decisioning on our Wells Fargo Vantage℠, you can view, research, and return completed transaction, make decisions on pending transactions, and gain access to information for purposes of reporting and trend analysis.