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Fight Fraud

Impostor fraud: What it is, how to recognize it, and how you can protect your business. Watch YouTube videos.

Protect your business online and offline

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Online and mobile fraud

Find out about the fastest-growing types of online fraud and mobile banking fraud and what you can do to help protect your company.

Fraud-fighting strategies

You can stop thieves and foil most fraud attempts by putting the right fraud protection program in place. Learn about fraud defenses, including protection, detection, and best practices for a strong fraud protection program.

Reporting fraud

Find out what to do if you think your company might be the victim of a fraud attempt.

Fraud schemes

Learn about fraud schemes, including impostor fraud, account takeovers, and data breaches.
Dual Custody. Help protect your company from online fraud. Learn more.
Regulation E - This Regulation outlines the rules and procedures for electronic funds transfers (EFTs) for consumers. Please note: The protections and deadlines included in Regulation E do not apply to business accounts. It only establishes rights, liabilities, and responsibilities for consumers transacting business on consumer accounts.
Tip: Make sure to review your accounts regularly and frequently to minimize the risk of fraud.