Consolidated receivables

Consolidated receivables solutions

Receivables Manager, our consolidated receivables solution, combines information about electronic and check payments you receive from business customers and consumers into a single data transmission in the format your receivables system needs for automated posting. With this transmission, you can automate your receivables posting processes. 

For business-to-business payments, Receivables Manager offers additional features to help ensure the payments you receive from your customers can post automatically.

Advice matching

Advice matching offers the ability to match payments to remittance advices which are often emailed separately from the payments. With the Receivables Manager online, you can also upload and enter advices and manually match advices to payments.

ACH and wire remittance repair

If we receive improperly formatted remittance data within an ACH or wire payment, we automatically repair the data based on business rules. If we are unable to repair the data, the information about the payment is available through Receivables Manager online as an exception item you can manually repair. Once repaired, you can save the rule to apply to future payments from the same payer.