Controlled Disbursement Account

Obtain your daily cash position early

The earlier you know your daily cash position, the better-equipped you are to make smart money management and short-term investment decisions. Wells Fargo gives you the financial visibility and information you need early each morning.

Funding totals by 7 a.m. Pacific Time daily

Controlled Disbursement gives you daily funding totals by 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time each morning. You can opt for intra-day reports to help you fully leverage excess funds.

How Controlled Disbursement works

Equipped with your account totals, you can fund your Wells Fargo account with just the amount necessary to cover daily disbursements.

You can also simplify information retrieval to help with research and reconciliation. Wells Fargo offers a variety of services, including:

  • Online retrieval.
  • CD-ROM delivery of images, for quick access to critical information.
  • Same-day (MICR) line check detail.
  • The Perfect Presentment® service, providing you only true exceptions for verification.