Commercial Card

Maximize your card strategy

Gain insights to develop and deliver a robust payments card strategy that can help expand your business’ potential. The WellsOne Commercial Card gives you comprehensive views of expenses, insights to program compliance, and cost management opportunities to inform stronger business decisions.

Consider the possibilities

A commercial card program lets you move your business-to-business payments from paper to electronic. Cards can help replace cumbersome employee expense reporting with on demand transaction entries, real-time visibility and streamlined review and approvals.  They can also reduce low-dollar purchase orders and check payments and improve security and control with virtual cards.

  • Optimization: Our supplier analysis and onboarding specialists are available to work with you and your suppliers to ensure your payments are optimized for working capital, efficiency and financial benefit.
  • Security: Single-use virtual accounts to settle accounts payable invoices; and the most up-to-date chip technology for cards at the point of sale.
  • Fraud protection: Our program offers multi-layered fraud detection technology, plus all the global protections available through Visa® and Mastercard®.
  • Control: Customized card parameters ensure employee spending is managed within designated merchant categories and payment thresholds.
  • Data intelligence: With WellsOne® Expense Manager, you receive access to convenient dashboard reporting that analyzes spending trends and identifies program optimization opportunity. Flexible data formats support easy integration with your Accounts Payable system or general ledger. 
  • Efficiency: Helps reduce paperwork, wasted time, redundant efforts and helps improve working capital.
  • Flexibility: Manage card program spending on any mobile device, or laptop, anytime, anywhere.

WellsOne® Expense Manager

Need a more strategic, big-picture view of your company’s commercial card activity?

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