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Voiceover: Ask a business owner, and they’ll tell you what they need right now, is a better way to get more done. Without adding more overhead.

Introducing Business Essentials from Wells Fargo, the straightforward solution that can help simplify your banking with a core package of treasury services. The essential ones. The ones you need to run your business more efficiently, more productively.

Services designed to help you that let you easily send and receive payments. Help protect your business and your transactions from fraud. And let you monitor your cash flow and balances. So, you can keep your corporate cash management well in sight.

So how do you put Business Essentials to work for your company?  Easy.
With one standard, starter price, more than a dozen treasury services are in reach.  From day one.

Use what you need now.  Activate others as your needs expand. With no waiting.  Because the setup for all of your services has already been done.

Talk to us about Business Essentials. The smart, straightforward way to keep your business moving forward

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A smart way to get more done

Complete set of services installed from the start. Activate the ones you need as your business grows.



Transfer money electronically between banks through the Automated Clearing House network.


Secure, electronic transfer of funds between two entities through a network of banks or transfer agencies around the world. Includes foreign exchange.


Traditional paper-based payments.

Desktop Deposit

Electronically deposit checks anytime, anywhere, using a desktop scanner.


ACH fraud filter

Fraud protection service that helps protect you against the encashment of lost, stolen, or counterfeit checks.

Positive pay

A check fraud protection service that helps protect you against the encashment of lost, stolen, or counterfeit checks.

Payment authorization

Helps prevent fraudulent activity on unauthorized checks and/or over the counter debits.

Payee validation

An extension of positive pay that identifies discrepancies between payee information on check and payee information your customer provided for that check.


Basic banking

Efficient way to manage bank accounts via desktop, tablet, or mobile device with our online bank portal.

Transaction and image search

Conveniently view records of any checks, deposits, deposited items, stop payments, and originated ACH items posted to your accounts — all online.


Customize criteria for when and how you want specified information sent to your email or text/SMS.

Statements & notices

Comprehensive account information sent online via our Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal — the only interactive statement offered by a major financial institution.


Set up and maintain employee access directly, saving them time and granting more control and flexibility.

Express Balance Information Reporting

See a snapshot of previous day account balance information along with current available balance. Provides balance data for each account, total funds available, and summary total of debits/credits posted to each account.

ACH NOC Returns Report

View summary of returns, dishonors, notifications of change, redeposits, MICR/photo, and admin adjustments by activity type.

Banking that helps you grow

We aim to keep it simple

  • One standard starter price
  • Quick enrollment
  • E-signature makes it convenient
  • No branch visit needed

Always here for you

  • Reassuring support of Wells Fargo
  • Seamless implementation
  • One point of contact

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