Bill Manager

Too much paper in your payment process?

What’s keeping your business from going digital?

We don’t have the IT resources or the time

Bill Manager is straightforward to implement. After one hour of setup, you’ll start to see a faster, more efficient way to pay and get paid.

Changing our process is too disruptive

Bill Manager is a more efficient improvement to your process. Say goodbye to the manual processes you do before and after payments are sent.

We can’t risk discrepancies with our accounting software

Bill Manager seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, and Intacct, and gives you automatic reconciliation to keep your records straight.

Transcript: Bill Manager

There are parts of your business that move swiftly. On the flip side, are there parts of your business that function too slowly? Like, accounts payable and receivable. Well, freedom from that slow and cumbersome process is now in reach. Meet Bill Manager – the easy way to pay and get paid. Easy for your team. Easy for vendors.  Easy for your customers.  No matter where they’re working from. And for you it’s easy to implement - without complex IT or disrupting your ever-important cashflow. Especially at a time like this. Uniquely and intelligently, Bill Manager brings together the data from both Payables and Receivables, keeping each transaction connected and visible through the whole buying and selling process. So, reconciling is faster. Bill Manager automatically digitizes incoming bills and outgoing invoices, and connects the invoice to the payment. Then stores that data securely in the cloud. That means less manual processing for your staff, and instant insight into the status and history of your payables and receivables. Accuracy goes up. Time spent on paperwork goes down. Bill Manager works with most commonly used accounting software, and the Wells Fargo CEO portal. So, familiarity is built in. Along with the reassuring support of Wells Fargo. Ask us about Bill Manager, the complete digital payables and receivables processing platform. And transform your back office from tedium to freedom.

Meet Bill Manager

The complete digital payables and receivables processing platform

  • Makes paying and getting paid fast and efficient
  • Automatically digitizes incoming bills and outgoing invoices
  • Syncs customer data for creating invoices
  • Updates and reconciles your accounting software automatically

How it works

Pay, get paid, and reconcile. Pay: receive bills online, automate data entry, approve bills anywhere, anytime, click to pay. Get paid: sync or import invoices, email invoices, send automated reminders, collect electronic payments. Reconcile: auto updates accounting software.

Streamline your process, all around

  • Time savings of 50%
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Get paid 2x faster
  • Reassuring support of Wells Fargo

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