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Wells Fargo Commercial Auto has been providing financial solutions to automobile dealers and helping them achieve their personal and business financial goals since 1945, with world class service and cutting-edge financial solutions

Industry leadership facts

  • Industry leader with 75+ years’ experience
  • $25 billion in annual financing
  • $12.3 billion in lending commitments
  • 3,000 dealerships
  • Over 600,000 vehicles floored in 2021

Solutions for complex financing needs

  • Consolidators seeking capital structure advisory, committed acquisition financing and rapidly increasing capital support
  • Capital markets participants including publicly listed companies, those with institutional debt, equity or ESOP investors, or syndicated credit facilities
  • Dealers with non-traditional business models including ecommerce, used-only, cross-border, non-auto, fleet operations

Commercial auto financing solutions

Retail auto financing solutions

Economic and industry insights

Auto sales & the rise of the civilian fleet

The slow healing of supply chains and the tempering of demand are on track to restore equilibrium and the proof will be in falling prices.

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Fraud schemes

Learn about impostor fraud, account takeovers, and data breaches, and how you can protect your company.

Fraud schemes

Industry trends

Cloud security, insider threat, cyberattacks, and more.

Emerging trends in cybersecurity (PDF)

Economic outlooks

Read our commentary and insights on U.S. and international financial markets.

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