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Transcript: Wells Fargo Merchant Services

In your business, some things deserve a lot of attention, like your customers, of course, your financials, and your employees. And some things don't. You want them to be easy or even automatic so you almost forget they're working, like alarm clocks, text messages, ATMs, and all the machinery of modern life we take for granted. Accepting payments from your customers should be one of those things.

When you trust Wells Fargo with your payment services, you'll find that we feel the same way. We're committed to simplifying your payment processing from beginning to end so you can focus on your business — with resources, technologies, and people committed to make that happen.

Here's what we believe: Choosing and setting up a solution that works for you should be simple and straightforward. You deserve services that are easy to understand, pricing that makes sense, and solutions to accept almost any kind of payment. We'll deliver with streamlined products and processing, better tools, simplified pricing, and guidance to make sure you get what you need.

Once you're up and running, your payment processing should be quick and easy for everyone. That means it's fast and convenient for your customers to use, however they prefer to pay; quick and easy for you to manage so you can stay in control; and very efficient so you receive the funds as soon as possible.

From debit to credit cards to mobile wallet technologies, in person, by phone, online, or on the go, we handle more than 2 billion transactions annually. Monitor yours with Business Track Online Account Management, which gives you easy-to-read summaries and customized reporting options, and see the funds in your linked Wells Fargo account as soon as the next business day.

Whenever you want help, from getting started to making changes, we believe you should get great support. We provide 24/7 customer support and assistance from a team of dedicated merchant service professionals.

Because financial technology is evolving quickly, you want someone that stays on top of the latest developments so you can take advantage of them without being an expert. We have the resources and commitment to make sure your payment solutions can adapt to your changing needs and a changing world.

Finally, you know the value of building customer relationships. So do we. By bringing your banking needs under one roof, you'll gain more efficiency and control with business solutions built to work together. It's a simple idea. Handling customer payments should just happen simply and easily, like your next amazing smartphone, not like your last old computer.

At Wells Fargo, we're committed to payment processing that's simple and easy from beginning to end, so you hardly have to think about it — and you can think about your business instead. When you're ready to make running your business a little easier, talk to your local Wells Fargo representative about your payment processing needs. For more information about how Wells Fargo Merchant Services can help you with easy-to-use payment solutions, visit or contact your local Wells Fargo representative.

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