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Clover® Go

Clover Go taking a payment from a mobile phone.

Start accepting card payments wherever your business takes you

Accept card payments on the go, curbside, during deliveries, or online

Why Clover Go?

  • Pocket-sized card reader for taking card payments on the go
  • Accept credit, debit, contactless cards plus digital wallets such as Apple Pay®
  • Customize your Clover Go with select apps to help with shift management, payroll and more
  • Help safeguard your customers’ card data with encryption and tokenization

Great for merchants who:

  • Need a portable solution for accepting card payments in person or via digital invoice
  • Want the ability to pair with your own phone or tablet
  • Have mobile or delivery-based business such as caterers, florists, appliance delivery and repair
  • Send receipts via text or email
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One-time device purchase price

  • $112 + tax

Payment processing costs

Our straightforward small business pricing makes it easier to estimate your monthly processing costs. Custom (Interchange Plus) pricing is also available for select businesses; please call 1-866-609-3378 for more information.

Monthly service fee:

  • $9.95

Software fee:

  • Clover’s entry level Payments software for payment processing is included in the monthly service fee
  • Optional software upgrade is available through Clover for an additional monthly fee per device

Transaction fee:

  • Your cost per transaction doesn’t change based on the type of card your customer uses (Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®). Your rate is based on:
    • Business type – whether you accept most of your payments from consumers or from other businesses
    • Whether your customer’s card is physically present or not
    • Total monthly dollar volume of the card transactions you process
  • As your sales grow and you meet the minimum for a lower rate in any given month, your rate will be automatically adjusted for the month.
  • No application fees, no monthly minimums, and no early termination fees.

Business to consumer (B2C) transaction fees

B2C merchants include restaurants, retailers, health practitioners, and any businesses that accept most payments from consumers. 

Your cost per transaction, based on the total dollar amount of card purchases you process in a month:

Total monthly processing volume
Per tap, dip, swipe transaction
Per online or keyed-in transaction
$0 - $14,999.99
2.60% + $0.15
3.40% + $0.15
$15,000 - $39,999.99
2.40% + $0.15
3.20% + $0.15
$40,000 & up
2.20% + $0.15
3.10% + $0.15


Built-in features

  • Uses your own Wi-Fi and/or LTE cellular connection. If you’re in an area with bad service or without Wi-Fi, you can take payments offline and the transactions will be authorized once you’re connected again.
  • Fully PCI PTS compliant
  • Encrypted with TransArmor® technology when using the card reader
  • Device dimensions: 3.2”W x 2.2”H x 0.47”D
  • Biometric sign in – depending on your personal device


Software Options

Clover devices come with Payments software for processing payments. You can upgrade your software to a plan with additional features and functions for an additional monthly fee. Healthcare businesses are only eligible for the Payments software. You will be asked to select a plan when you activate the device. Plans include:

  • Payments: Entry-level Clover software plan included as part of our monthly service fee.
  • Essentials: Includes the functionality of Payments, as well as basic inventory and order management. $14.95 monthly fee per Clover Go account. Additional charges per device will apply if account has Clover Flex, Clover Mini, or Clover Station products.

Clover App Market

Clover Go can be customized with select apps to help with shift management and payroll.

Payment methods

  • Contactless payments/tap-to-pay
  • Chip cards
  • Digital wallets (Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay®)
  • Signature debit
  • Cash and check for transaction tracking
  • Key in card information into a web browser or send an e-invoice when a card is not present

Other point-of-sale device options that may meet your needs

FD150 Terminal

For businesses that need a basic countertop terminal to accept card payments in person or by phone. 

View details and apply

Clover Flex

For businesses that want a portable device packed with powerful tools and the ability to print receipts. Comes with a virtual terminal so you can enter card information into a web browser to take a payment, or send customers an e-invoice.

View details and apply

Per online or keyed-in transaction

When customers are on the phone or on your website, a transaction is completed by keying in the card number in the device or online through an e-commerce gateway.

Per tap, dip, swipe transaction

When customers are at your location, they pay by swiping a card, dipping/inserting a chip card, or tapping/waving a contactless card or phone above the device. Contactless and mobile wallet payments include Apple Pay®.

Total monthly processing

Monthly processing volume is the total dollar amount of credit/debit card transactions you process in all of your merchant locations in a month including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Monthly service fee includes:

Risk and fraud monitoring, reporting and analytics, 24/7 support, dispute management, and Clover’s entry level Payments software that allows you to take payments through a web browser, mobile app, or your Clover device. Monthly fees are assessed per MID (merchant ID). If you choose to add other equipment or options, additional fees may apply.

Interchange Plus is a pricing structure that passes interchange fees assessed by card issuers, and network and switch fees assessed by the card networks, directly to the merchant services customer (also known as a "merchant"). There are two primary components to interchange plus pricing:

  1. Interchange: This is the fee that's charged and set by card networks, like Visa and Mastercard, to process transactions. Payment processors, like Wells Fargo Merchant Services, do not control these rates; however, every merchant is required to pay them.
  2. Plus: This is the payment processor's charge per transaction on top of the interchange fee. This cost comes in the form of a percentage fee and/or a transaction cost.

Additional fees with Interchange Plus may apply, such as chargeback or monthly fees. We provide details about any additional fees on your monthly statement.