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Auto Loans & Refinancing

Looking for a loan to buy a used car?

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 Customer Discount 

You may be eligible for a rate discount with a qualifying Wells Fargo consumer checking account while maintaining automatic payments.

Financing your vehicle

Discover flexible car financing options for new or used cars, and specialty vehicles. Also, explore our car lease buyout options. See current car loan financing rates.

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Refinancing your car loan

Find out how you may lower your monthly payment and manage your debt by refinancing your current car loan. See current car loan refinancing rates.

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Managing debt with auto equity

Using the equity of your car, you may get a loan for debt consolidation, unexpected expenses, and large purchases. On average, customers have received $10,705 with an auto equity loan. Refinancing your current car loan and using the available equity, on average, customers have received $5,812 for managing debt and expenses.

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Lower car payments

Refinance and possibly pay less each month

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